Sunday, December 28, 2008

Attempted Robbery in 60655

This heads up came from the comments. This was posted as a comment on the police blog (SCC), can anyone verify?

FYI: On Christmas Eve around 4P.M.,(3) M/1/teens were in the area of 106th and Maplewood Ave. The subjects were hiding in a nearby alley/playlot.

A concerned citizen called the police and the 022nd District officers arrived in a timely manner.

As the officers approached the subjects all three fled and after a short foot pursuit a 9mm loaded semi-auto was recovered along with all three subjects. All of the subjects lived near the 6800 block of Talman.

The three subjects were most likely waiting to rob a family of Christmas presents and money from all of the Christmas parties in the area.

P.S. It is the season for the predators to go hunting. Please carry your guns on you, all the time. This is a heavily populated police area as you southsiders know, the criminals keep getting bolder!!!!!!!!

Good Job 022nd District.

***Update: confirmed.


Anonymous said...

There was also a breakin at the liquor store at 100th and Western on Christmas Eve I believe.

Four people, two caught in the store holding a saw and other tools. Slap on the wrist for them. charge with TRESPASSING!!!!

Anyone working in 022 have more info on this? People actually caught in the store committing a burglary and charged with a crappy chargge of trespassing in which they will recieve no time for!

Anonymous said...

Holy s---!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My experience with the local POlice, the few times I have ever called, has always been great once you get past the 911 call center

Anonymous said...

i post a comment last week about two teenager assaulting to minor girls and they are court right now waiting for trial date all they want to give them is Counseling dont be surprize about trespassing charge

inandaround60655 said...

To err is human. Sometimes, comments get published on accident. I recently published one that was racist and boy did I hear about it! It has been removed and I sincerely apologize for offending anyone.

Anonymous said...

Please call the police when you see activity that doesnt seem right. The city of Chicago is working on a plan to realign the boundrys of the police districts and police beats. One of the criteria that is being used is CALLS FOR SERVICE. The police beats for the 60655 zip code are large and often times the cars assigned sent to the east end of the 22nd distict for the calls over there. If you think police service is lacking now wait until the police beats are made larger out here to give more service to the areas that have a larger volume of calls.

Anonymous said...

Please be careful about who you open your door for and tell your kids not to open the door for people they do not know.

Anonymous said...

Garage Burglary in the 108th Block of S. Homan last week

Anonymous said...

I was in the Walgreens at 119th & Western last night checking out. All of a sudden paging over the system was announcing chase in progress and all the workers came running to the front door...guess a guy stuffed a bunch of things in his coat and ran out. They said he was walking around store for a bit acting odd and all...why not call cops then??? The cashier said this has been happening all week...they don't seem to care about cameras when they are stealing.

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