Friday, January 9, 2009

Why 60655?

The blog has asked the question of where you came from, now it's asking why? Why did you choose this area? What's makes this area home to you? What do YOU like about this area?


Anonymous said...

Well seeing our great Mayor makes city employees stay here. I am here. This is the only affordable safe area in the city. Edison Park is nice but not affordable. Garfield Ridge is turning and house prices are dropping.... That really leaves only Mt. Greenwood. I only stay because we have to.

Anonymous said...

Born and raised here. Bought the house I grew up in from my folks. Now my kids are growing up in this house. When I'm done livin' the cemetaries are plentiful.

Anonymous said...

My fiance and I bought a house a block away from the one I grew up in(she grew up in Dolton, and said this area reminded her of Dolton in the 70's and 80's). We chose this area over the south suburbs because I wanted my son to grow up in a NEIGHBORHOOD, not a subdivision.

Jim McMahon said...

I moved out of St Bede (where I was born & raised) in 1993 because I had 4 young children and the neighborhood was declining. I moved to Mt Greenwood because I worked for the City and knew plenty of people that lived here. I worked 2 jobs to pay all the tuitions for the Catholic Schools and figured I'd move out to the suburbs when the kids were grown and I retired.

We always used to laugh about this neighborhood as being like "Suburban Living with a City Address." In my opinion, with all things considered, like a good neighborhood atmosphere, great neighbors, safety, home prices, and R.E. taxes, I feel this place has the best bang for your buck and I'll probably never move out.

Anonymous said...

well I am a urbanbilly from Canaryville just like most everybody else that lives here so I had to move to Canayville West Err Mt Greenwood

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