Thursday, February 12, 2009

22nd District CAPS Meeting Schedule

Beat 2221: Christ the King School, 9225 S. Hamilton, (1st Tuesday of each month).
Beat 2212: 22nd District Police Station, 1900 W. Monterey Ave., (1st Thursday of the month).
Beat 2213: Ridge Park, 9601 S. Longwood Dr., (2nd Thursday of the month).
Beat 2211: Mount Greenwood Park, 3721 W. 111th St., (3rd Thursday of each month).


Anonymous said...

Caps is just a "feel good" program. It accomplishes nothing except giving people a place to vent. In other words, if they vent at the CAPS meeting, maybe they won't vent in the media.

When CAPS started, the police were taking a lot of heat over the high crime rate. The original purpose was to spread that heat around, to create "partnerships" to share the heat. Thus, now the community "shares" the blame for the high crime. When they beef, the well-trained PO refers the citizen to his CAPS meeting, knowing full well that only a tiny percentage will go. And if they don't go to the meeting, they have no standing to complain!

Anonymous said...

What you are doing on this website is far better than Caps can ever be. This site shares info. in real time that can be shared . Concerns about crime safety and predators are shared and the community thta is robust with police men and woman who have a vested intrest in the neighborhood can respond, on or off duty. Thanks In and around, again

Anonymous said...

Off topic sorry, I am shocked at the resignation of Gop cabinet memeber yesterday, under Obama. The fact that another cabinet member has resigned is just amazing. The reasons why, are even more scary. For the fisrt time in the history of our country the chief of staff Rambo in this case will be in charge of the census burea and findings will go through him!!! This is why the senator resigned, it was supposed to be his job. Speculation is that Obama did not trust the conservative sen. would fudge the illegal numbers in this country, so he put this in Rambos corner, for the first time in the history of the country!! Wake up folks he has gone toally to the left now. He claimed bi-partisan this and that at first, now he gave up and is just the most liberal president we will ever see in history! Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

To 11:00 am Don't worry the MSM will be reporting on this.

Anonymous said...

Who's Msm? Msn? They dont report anything negative and liberal at the same time.

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