Monday, February 2, 2009

Please Remember - Say a Prayer

Today is the one-year anniversity of the murders at the Tinley Park Lane Bryant store where five women lost their lives. Say a small prayer for the families and friends who have to live without these women.

The victims:

Rhoda McFarland, 42
Sarah Szafranki, 22
Carrie Hudek Chiuso, 33
Connie Woolfolk, 37
Jennifer L. Bishop, 34

One year later and still no suspects, no arrests, nothing. Hopefully justice will prevail.


Anonymous said...

What a shame. I wish that piece of human waste is dealt with in this life before the next!I am suprised this thing does not happen more often, the message is rob any place of business without cameras and dispose of any and all eye witness's. I pray for the families left behind.

Anonymous said...





inandaround60655 said...

From Jim McMahon - ***I am posting as we had a little trouble getting it in the comments**

My heart goes out to the families and friends that lost their loved ones on February 2nd, 2008 and my Prayers go out to the victims that lost their lives on that tragic day last year. Hopefully the perpetrator of this senseless crime will be apprehended soon, and justice will prevail with swift and severe punishment being handed down to bring some peace and closure to their families.

Here are 5 perfectly good examples of why we must either insist that Daley and the law makers of the State of Illinois honor our right to “keep & bear arms,” or tell them to “go to Hell” and simply ignore these un-Constitutional laws and carry one anyway. Every mentally stable American that has never been convicted of a felony for committing a violent crime should be allowed to carry a gun legally. It’s that easy!

I have no idea at all what kind of beliefs were held either for or against guns, that any of these poor women harbored prior to entering that “safe” suburban Tinley Park store a year ago. But even if they were more “anti-gun” than let’s say…oh……..Rosie “the hypocritical Lesbian Pig” O’Donnell, you can bet they at least briefly believed in guns for self defense in the last few moments of their lives. I’m pretty sure that one of the last things that went through their heads was wishing they were armed with a gun to protect themselves.

This is half of the reason that our Founding Fathers (in their infinite wisdom) installed the 2nd Amendment into the “Bill of Rights” way back in 1791. The other half of the reason was to keep us free from tyranny and insure that an out of control government could never take ANY of our other rights away from us. Both great reasons!

I lay the blame for this tragedy solely on the shoulders of our corrupt anti-American politicians like Daley and Blagojevich for denying honest people of their “God given right” to self defense. They’re responsible for the loss of thousands of lives that have been cut short or destroyed by armed criminals. Whoever committed this heinous crime knew full well that he or she was “as safe as a baby in their Mothers arms” because of these bullshit laws and “no gun zones” and were free to do an unthinkable thing like this totally unimpeded by anyone.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if after all the years of Blagojevich trying to stop every law abiding citizen including retired Police Officers in Illinois from having or carrying guns, that he himself could fall prey to a bullet now that he has been stripped of his entourage of taxpayer funded armed security guards? I don’t wish him any harm, but I’m sure there’s plenty of corrupt people out there that don’t share my sentiments on that who would sleep a lot better at night if he just kinda……….went away! Blago knows where all the skeletons are buried and is certainly capable of messing up everything for the “Chosen One” and the other powers that be with what he knows if he chooses to. I believe he is now a prime target and might be hiding a “bulls-eye” on his forehead under all that hair.
If I were him, I’d be very concerned about my safety and would definitely be carrying a gun.

The following is MY personal opinion and suggest that everyone use their own judgment to decide what’s right for themselves;

The responsibility to protect ourselves and our family is ours alone. If you don’t have a gun, get one and learn how to use it, and if you do, carry it. If anyone’s delusional enough to believe they’re somehow safer with an unloaded gun locked up in their home, you’ve been drinking too much of the “Kool-Aid,” and a rock is more aerodynamic than an empty gun! God forbid, if the time ever comes that you’ll need your gun and it’s locked away somewhere, you’ll probably end up having to throw your slippers or a table lamp at an armed intruder,……..good luck with that, and let me know how that works out for you. That’s even worse than “bringing a knife to a gun fight.”

Because attacks are never announced ahead of time, for a gun to be effective you’ll need it within arms reach at any given moment regardless if you’re in, or outside of your home. So the best place to have your gun is on your person. It’s not a coincidence that every State that honors the 2nd Amendment and allows “Concealed Carry” and “Open Carry” rights to their citizens have a much lower incidence of violent crime than those that don’t. It makes a criminal think twice before attempting to accost someone because he knows when his intended victim might be armed, he just might get “a cap in HIS ass instead!” This is a fact, but please don’t take my word on it, do some research on your own and then decide what’s right for yourself.

Nippsy Russell said...

Amen brother, well put.

Anonymous said...

Look for other murders of females occurring within a week or two after the Lane Bryant Murders. I'm convinced that this guy was stupid enough to confide in his girlfriend. When he realized she could rat him out, he killed her.

Anonymous said...

Good things could be coming to Cook County....Vote for Paul Vallas for Cook County President

Anonymous said...

Has ANYONE thought of checking the inmates in the COOK COUNTY JAIL. 9out of 10 odds shows that most offenders that commit crimes usually end up in there for other crimes nonrelated to their original offense. Signed Former Jail Guard

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