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Back to St. Baldrick's!

As the shavings slow down...I would like to know how much your group raised? I know the police department had their St. Baldrick's shaving a week or so ago and did really well. How have the schools done, private much have you raised for this fun and worthy cause.

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Cops go full 'baldy sour' for St. Baldrick's

March 7, 2009


Lee Bielecki, a Chicago police sergeant in the Chicago Lawn District, ran his hand over his head Friday, admiring his new, aerodynamic look.
"I love it. I did it last year. It grows back," said Bielecki, 51.
He was among about 100 police officers and other volunteers who had their hair shaved off during a fundraiser for the St. Baldrick's Foundation, which raises money to help fund research of childhood cancers.
Hair is cut as a sign of support, as many kids lose their hair because of radiation treatment and chemotherapy.
Bielecki, of Chicago's Mount Greenwood community, raised $2,000 from officers in the district who donated to see him go under the clippers.
Bill Murphy, a Chicago police narcotics officer, organized the hair-cutting event at the Calumet Area headquarters, 727 E. 111th St.
When Murphy bleached his hair a bright shade of blond a few weeks ago, it wasn't to make a fashion statement. Rather, he wanted to draw attention.
It worked. Whenever someone asked about his hair, he'd tell them they should cut off theirs. Many did.
Murphy, 39, of Mount Greenwood, was happy to see crowds of volunteers walking in with hair and leaving with no need for combs, brushes or blow dryers anytime soon.
They kept busy hairstylists from SportClips, 7955 S. Cicero Ave., Chicago, and the One 11 Salon, 2742 W. 111th St., Chicago.
Murphy said the all-day event could raise close to $20,000.
The biggest donation - $5,000 - came from Best Buy, which gave $1,000 for every 10 employees who had their hair cut. Fifty workers from Best Buy stores in Countryside, Lansing, Highland, Ind., and Merrillville, Ind., took part in the event.
Best Buy employee James Severa still had his bushy goatee, but not his formerly long hair.
"This is our second year we've done this. We went to the event last year at the (Chicago) Fire Department, and we found this event on the St. Baldrick's Web site and thought it would be good to come out," said Severa, of Munster, Ind.
His hair had been 6 inches long.
"It's nice and streamlined now," he said.
Hairstylists Kim Kerr, of One 11, and Nina Diedrick, of SportClips, enjoyed donating their time.
"It's not like work," Kerr said.
Diedrick liked how money was being raised for sick children.
"Think of the little ones," she said.
Although his new style "feels like sandpaper," Chicago Police Sgt. Scott Kinzie, 39, was smiling.
"When I was a kid, we called these 'baldy sours.' Everybody had one in the summer," said Kinzie, who works in traffic control.
Kinzie then put on a bright-green St. Baldrick's hat and laughed as it fell down, nearly covering his eyes.
"Wow. Now I need to make it smaller to fit my head," said Kinzie, of Chicago's Garfield Ridge community.

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