Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is set for tomorrow, Saturday, March 28. From 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Everyone is asked to turn off their lights. Chicago is designated as a "flagship city."

Last year ComEd reported an Earth Hour savings of 7 percent of electricity with 1,400 participants. This year they are expecting higher numbers.


Anonymous said...

Sounds dumb to me.

Anonymous said...

Evergreen Park might keep Irish parade alive ....
I love how the mayor says " we wont allow any shenaigans, anyone fooling around gets locked up!" I guess you havent hosted a 310,000 person parade tough guy. You cant lock up 20,000 thousand drinkers .Good luck

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the EP cops get help from the suburbs and throw these scum bags like Vasquez in jail.
Maybe then the neighborhood can enjoy our parade again.

Jim McMahon said...

Turn ON your lights!
Exclusive: Joseph Farah urges opposite action to tonight's 'global warming' ritual

From 8:30 to 9:30 tonight, 03/28/09 lights will be turned off all over the world – from the Eiffel Tower to the Great Pyramids of Giza to the decadent marquees of Las Vegas and Broadway.So be it.

The occasion is "Earth Hour" – organized by the World Wildlife Fund to persuade world leaders, as if they needed any more persuading, to take of what's left of your money and use it to cool off the planet.
I have a better idea.

Be sure to switch on every light in your home between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. tonight as a way to protest this madness.
Let me start at the beginning.

Man-made global warming is a hoax – a fraud being perpetrated on people worldwide as part of a power grab by elitists determined to steal what remains of your personal freedom.
It's not science. It's raw politics.
Czech President Václav Klaus presents the truth about global warming in his book "Blue Planet in Green Shackles"

No amount of man-made activity, certainly not illuminating lights, is going to cause even the most infinitesimal heating of the planet.
Further, the real science shows the planet is no longer warming for any reason whatsoever! The temperature of the Earth is actually cooling slightly, and has been for about five years.

Warming and cooling of the planet are natural cycles that have occurred from the beginning of time. Ask any scientist. In fact, these cycles occur on other planets where there is no life and no industry. How does Al Gore explain that?
But worse than the lie is the insidious strategy behind it.

You are being indoctrinated to believe in this fraud so you can be more easily manipulated – so you won't squeal quite as loud when your wealth is confiscated, so you won't object when you're told (or your children are told some day) that the population must be limited to save the planet, when you're told that means you can't have any more children.

That's where this plot leads.
Many are falling for it – in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.
"Global warming" is taught like a religion in your schools. And that's just what it is – it's a throwback to pagan Earth worship.

"Global warming" is taught as a way of life in your colleges and universities.

"Global warming" is preached as fact in your new media.

"Global warming" is stealthily propagated as a real threat in your entertainment – including in the best show on television, Fox's "24."

"Global warming" is, in fact, the new name for global control of the populace.

It's the new name for worldwide fascism. It's the new excuse for communism or whatever name you choose for the coming tyranny.
Don't be fooled.

Don't participate.

Don't believe it.

Don't fall for it.


You can begin tonight by turning on your lights when your less-informed, easily led neighbors are going dark.
Make a statement.

Let there be light tonight.

Evil loves darkness, so it's no surprise that some very evil people are promoting it once again. Don't be seduced.
Don't be like the sheep led to slaughter.

Fight back.


Do you really believe this hoax?

On what basis?

Do you really believe carbon dioxide leads to a warmer planet? There is no evidence to suggest it. Further, man is responsible for producing only a tiny portion of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. And carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, as you are being told. It is a naturally occurring gas that is vital to the support of life on the planet.

Use your brain.
Turn on the lights.

(This was written by a friend of mine in January of 2009. That's why there’s a reference about the cold weather outside!)

My cousin explained all the cold weather to me yesterday: "Global warming means it can get hotter OR colder. That's the problem." HUH? How can it be global warming if it gets colder?

Global warming is science for nincompoops. You can go outside, even today at 25 deg, and realize there is no such thing as global warming.

I think the GW people have a totally different agenda than making a cleaner planet! They want to (in no particular order):

Kill off the economic engine that is the U.S.A.
Take away the freedom of people everywhere to travel when they want, where they want
Take away other freedoms like restricting the amount of gasoline you can burn (where you work, how you get your food), the temp you can heat your house, or how often you can cook! This is restrictive in a way that's never been tried before!

If man (the collective) is powerful enough to change the weather, then what need do you have for God? If there is no God, then there is no morality (thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill...all goes out the window. How convenient!)

America was built on a tradition of freedom. If you can kill off the taste for freedom, how easy it would be to take over the country! (And get all the good stuff: the houses, the factories, the nice Interstate system, the nice phone service that actually works. Ever try to make a phone call in France?)

So, it is not about the weather. It is also not about the data! It is a political construct. My friend Lee who loves to read history and is especially well-read on Communism tells me that GW is a convenient way for the Commies and their pals to take over the means of production...a long cherished goal. The movement has all kinds of people: commies, socialists (who want to tell you what to do, cuz you are too dumb to figure it out yourself), Democrats (get the people dependent upon your organization), what we used to call earth-cookies in California (environmentalists, greenies, naggers of all stripes), and then some true liars and stealers like Al Gore!

Tom Skilling of WGN TV weather helpfully points out that the new ASOS automatic temp measurement equipment that the FAA installed around the country is only accurate plus or minus 2 deg. Celsius. That means 3.6 deg Fahrenheit. ASOS got put into MDW (Midway) around 2000. It was at ARR (Aurora or Sugar Grove) around 2002. That ARR sensor is so inaccurate. It sits in a depression, so the temp is always 5 to 10 cooler than other stations. Last night it was -1F, when DuPage Airport, about 6 miles away was +15, for example. It is extremely unlikely that the ARR sensor was correct. It is also totally inaccurate as to sky condition (calls overcast on clear days for example.) Pilots have learned to ignore it. But such errors are not kept out of the database when the "global temperature" is calculated!

In the old days, pre-2000, a TRAINED human being took the temp in the control tower. He read a mercury thermometer, probably accurate to +/- half a degree F. So the records from the 1930’s to the 1990’s were to a different standard than the current ones.

BTW, did you know the weather records for each town and reporting station are typically from the AIRPORTS??? That's why I go on and on about ASOS. The ORD ASOS is the official Chicago weather station. Why is it automated when the tower is manned 24/7? Beats me! But at least a human still does the ATIS recording on the radio. So if the sensor calls clear and its overcast, the human can rerun the data point! And the pilots get the true conditions, at least.

Back to the baseline accuracy of the sensor: +/- 2 deg. If that is true and the real temp is 20 deg exactly, then the sensor can read anywhere between 18 and 22 deg. Thus you can see how averaging a bunch of these numbers, and you get a temp change of 0.1 deg means nothing! Look at it this way. Say it was 20 deg exactly for five days. You could get these numbers (because the error is NOT constant):

Now do the average: 20.

What if you got this? Equally likely:
Now do the average: 21.6

Some people have declared this to be global warming. Is it? Hell No! You are still within the accuracy of the sensor. Therefore, you cannot say a change has occurred unless you are a piss poor excuse for a scientist!

A 0.1 deg change in global temp is well within the accuracy of the sensors and the temperatures as originally taken. It means nothing!

I have a slew of very interesting climate papers I can send you if you want.

But bottom line is this: we should all fight cap and trade credits as hard as we can. Remember when food prices spiked when oil prices spiked? It will happen again when Kellogg’s has to add in what they pay in pollution credits to your box of corn will the trucking company that moves it, so will Dominick's for having the nerve to run a supermarket, and so will you for daring to drive your car to the store!

Anonymous said...

I believe global warming to be overstated not completely false. A cleaner planet with less pollution is a noble cause but alot of the hysteria behind global warming is crazy. The weather on the planet is constantly changing thats why you can find fish fossils in the desert and we have had ice ages nothing is constant but we should try to minimize the impact of pollution on the planet.

Homer J. Simpson said...

I'll be driving with my headlights off.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I would love to see the EP cops get help from the suburbs and throw these scum bags like Vasquez in jail.
Maybe then the neighborhood can enjoy our parade again.

March 27, 2009 6:12 PM

Its not "our" parade anymore, we gave up. The parade is somebody elses now

Anonymous said...

To the "global warming" guy they dont even call it that nymore because its such a farse. Now its "climate change". Why doesnt Al Gore or any other politician ever debate this with a scientist or anyone for that matter? Becase there is alot of money to be made from the scam. Look at Obam bams stimulus pack. How much money goes to climate change?? MANY of your dollars. Check the farmers almanac the hottest day was like 100 years ago!! Sure we need to clean up our act. A clean planet is great. But to make Americans have some kind of guilt over it is absurd.

Jim McMahon said...

See what happens when everyone shuts off their lights for an hour? It cools right off and snows.

Thank God it wasn't for 2 hours or we'd have about 6 inches of snow to shovel and summer would be postponed until next year.

Anonymous said...

TIF's (Tax Increment Financing) brought back to light.

Wrote about this a few months back and wanted to shed a little more light on it for everyone.

The 111th/Kedzie TIF has collected $608,160.75 in 2007, $550,202.56 in 2006, and $380,363.44 in 2005.
That is a total of $1,538,726.75 in those three years and not including and amount yet for 2008.

The 111th/Kedzie TIF runs from Sacramento on the East to Pulaski on the West and almost a block North and South of 111th on Kedzie.

What has that area seen in return for losing $1,538,726.75 in tax revenue that would be going to schools, parks, police/fire etc?

Did the community just not raise over a million dollars of your hard earned money to build a new play ground? The entire park of Mt Greenwood falls within the 111th/Kedzie TIF! The same area that is suppose to recieve the benefit of the TIF had to resort to private donations to build a playground that could have been built with the taxes lost to the TIF if it was never created. On top of the that, one of the purposes of a TIF is to capture future taxes to improve things like parks. Well then, how come some of this 1 million plus dollars was not used to help off set the cost of that playground?????

Anonymous said...

That's Mt Greenwood's contribution to the Olympic's fund. Why can't it be used on schools in the area rather than that strip of few businesses? The Walgreen's corner is a joke. The unrentable store fronts on 111th an Kedzie(SW corner) should be torn down and made a plaza for local events. This money has been sitting in what local bank? How much money is contributed by this local bank to our local elected officials?

Anonymous said...

I even turned my AC on.

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