Friday, May 1, 2009

Some Misc Info

There will be an information-packed meeting for business owners in May at Fat Tommy’s new location, 3031 W. 111th St . It’s guaranteed to be a worthwhile use of everyone’s time.
(Date and Time to be announced). See the Mount Greenwood Local Redevelopment Corporation.

LaFiesta will be expanding their parking lot this Spring/Summer (looks like they will taking over the old used car dealership next door).

Looks like the new Fat Tommy's will be opening very soon. It looks good. There will be outdoor seating and they will be selling ice cream too.

That's all I have right now... happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Fat Tommy's, wow, what a class name. Fits perfectly for Mt. Greasewood. What's next?
Skinny Bitches low fat eatery?

inandaround60655 said...

Not from around here are you?

Anonymous said...

How come I'm not reading more about Wiseguy's Pizza. They're the new guys in town but they have great pizza. S & T is another great place for pizza setups and anything Italian you may need. They have been in our community forever, let's keep them here. Plus you don't have all the congestion around 111th and Kedzie. Remember Mount Greenwood runs all the way to Pulaski.

inandaround60655 said...

S & T has been mentioned many times. I agree and get their setups all the time. As for Wiseguys, I have never tried them but thanks for the recommendation.

marycarol said...

WOW Mt.Greasewood!! How old are you? Couldn't come up with anything more original huh?

Anonymous said...

I always loved Mt Greasewood

Living in Roseland , it was a nice place to come to and Drag Race, then go to RaceWay Park to see the Pro's do it, and watch the fights in the pits

Anonymous said...

Francesca's on 95TH and Mobile is now open. Check it out it is beautiful inside and the bar is very open. The food is always outstanding!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wiseguy's does have a decent pizza, but it is overpriced. I have not ordered from there except once and it was $28.00 for a large Sausage pizza. Went back to Papa Joe's much cheaper and just as good.
S&T is wonderful the Italian Sausage is the best and the pizza setups are so cheap.

Peggy said...

Sweet Escapes eats and treats will be open 2 nites a week beginning Wednesday, May 20th.
The new hours are:
Sun. and Mon. CLOSED
Tues and Thu. 8am-4pm
Wed. and Fri. 8am-7pm
Sat. 8-2
NOW SERVING: Hershey's Ice cream

Anonymous said...

How about Mt.Billywood? Maybe 54 years ago when my family moved here and people had chicken coops in their backyards and there were plenty of "praries" to play hardball in and the purchase of a new car by a neighbor drew a crowd,and you could have rockfights in the street,and....just thinking of the old Greenwood

Anonymous said...

Wake up MGLRC! We want some chain stores here. Yes,the local businesses will *itch, but if you want us to shop Mt Greenwood, bring in stores and businesses we want to shop at. I don't need special sized shoes, bring a a shop with current styles we can afford. I don't need another doctor so stop bringing their offices in. My accordian.....wait don't have one, don't need one. Car shops, my insurance dictates where I go. None of you are the lists. This meeting is useless and just brings in mom and pop shops. If we want to move Mt Greenwood into the current times, add some chain stores and good G*d build Walgreen's already or let someone else take the land and build there. Spring is almost over, you said spring for demolition. Spring of 2010? Did the TIF $ go to Daley aready and we are out of cash??? Build more schools! We need more preschool programs and elementary schools. Move the bus stop off of 111th and Kedzie. It is far too conjested there and unsafe. Is anyone listening to us here? Maybe we can get a Beverly person to speak for us as they are the only ones heard.

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