Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Museum Passes

For those out that don't visit the library too often, I wanted to let you know that you can check out Museum Passes. You check them out for a week and they usually allow 4 general admissions for free. Not all passes are available at all times, but give it a try.

The options are Brookfield Zoo, Science & Industry, Field Museum, Shedd Aquariam, Nobart Nature, and a few others I can't think of right now. In these tough economic times, enjoy a day out for practically no cost.


Anonymous said...

the 111th/kedzie tif is sitting at over $1,000,000.00!!!!

how come we had to raise private funds to build a publc playground which falls within the tif????

for those of you who live on the southside of 112th from the park should call the alderman too. Your tax dollars are being diverted into the tif fund.

I am not a tif expert but think its bullshit to divert residental tax dollars into a fund earmarked for blitted business improvements. Will these residents get a break when they need their srrets repaved since their tax dollars where placed into the fund????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Museum Passes.We could all use a break during these hard times.

Brian said...

Once again somebody doesn't get the concept of an 'open post' and a post with a subject.
Don't talk about the tif in this post, there's plenty of room in the open post.
Thanks for the info about the museum passes, any little bit helps in these times!

Anonymous said...


Calm down. If someone does not post information in the lastest post it usually gets noticed. Usaully when people post things that the blogmaster agrees with or thinks is informative they will post it and then possibly post its own thread.

The blogmaster must have thought it was important enough cause SHE posted it.

It is good information

Anonymous said...

June 10, 2009 2:01 PM

Are you kidding? I guess we should just talk about 1 subject all the time. How much could you possibly say about Museum passes? They are there, they have been there, and they will be there. In and Around thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic, but important!
As the temperature increases, so does crime. Unfortunately, we will be responsible for protecting our own turf since OUR beat cars are being assigned to the Racine courts and Church street for recent shootings. Most nights 2211 can be found on the east end of the district, with specific instructions to not go west of Church street. Now they have tact cars sitting on these problem areas too....therefore taking away from patrolling and protecting our area. May I suggest contacting the alderamn's office should you need police service, since our cars will be tied up on assigned posts over east.

Anonymous said...

A hint about the passes. Those at our library are quite often checked out. If you don't mind riding to the ghetto you can call ahead and ask if it is available then go pick it up. They are available there quite often.

Anonymous said...

The City of Chicago's official tourism website, www.explorechicago.org, lists lots of free events throughout the city and there is a coupon section offering discounts on many attractions: http://www.chicagoofficeoftourism.org/chicagocoupons/

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