Thursday, June 25, 2009

Off Topic - They come in 3's

We all heard that death comes in threes.

What a sad week.

1) Ed McMahon

2) Farrah Fawcett passed today at the age of 62

3) Michael Jackson is (reported) to have died of a heart attack at the age of 50, just a short while ago.

***** UPDATE***** We are now at 4 - Billy Mays (Oxy Clean Pitchman) died today at 50.


Second City Wifey said...

Did Patrick Swayzee die too?

Second City Wifey said...

I think the Patrick one may just be a rumor as the the news about the others spreads. I hope so.

Mary Carol said...

Oh I hope not!!

Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for a child molester.... Only the rich and famous can get away with it and pay off people to not talk and make it go away. And now the world wants to celebrate the life of a pedophile!?!?!? Are you kidding me!?!?

Tim said...

When Farrah died she went to heavan and God said, "I will grant you one wish". Farrah said, "I want all the children in the world to be safe from child molestors".
"No problem", God said. The next thing you know...BAM!!! Jackson was dead.

Anonymous said...

Nice, I was waiting for the jokes...LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow it comes in 4's now Billy Mays is gone and if Jonny Castle is dead look out we better up the number.

Joe Baily's said...

Ooops here's another. Gale Storm aka "My Little Margie"

Anonymous said...

God Speed Karl Malden. The streets of San Francisco will not be as safe anymore.

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