Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Textbooks for Sale????

High school text books are SUPER EXPENSIVE and the school buy back program only gives you pennies on the dollar and then sells them to new students at almost retail price.

So, here is your opportunity to sell what you have from last year.

In your comment, please put the school, grade level of the books, bar code number (SKU), name of the course, level of the course (i.e., Honors, academic, marcellian), price you want (make it reasonable) and contact information.


If your looking for books, enter all of the above information and what you are LOOKING TO PAY. (make is reasonable).

Hope this helps. Check back periodically for new comments throughout the summer as a lot of book lists for next year have not come out yet.


Anonymous said...

amazon is a great place to buy books used. another tip is to look for the same book in a different but close edition. for example Name of Book 8th edition.., look for Name of Book 7th edition. the book is usually different by only a page or 2 and u can get it sometimes for under $5 bc it is not the most recent edition.

Isis said... is another good place. The website is through E-Bay and asks for the ISBN number and/or title of book.

True Hooder said...

June 3, 2009 1:10 PM

You are right, I used when I was at UCLA (University Closest to LaGrange Avenue), my bill went from right around 500 to right around 170.

Anonymous said...

I have tons of sophomore books for Marist. Academic level.

World History (all sophomores have to take this class)

English (all sophomores)

Astronomy (elective)

Forensic Science (elective)

Health (all sophomores)

Spanish (which is used fresh & soph years)

Plus some others I can't think of right now. I still have some freshman academic books too.

If your interested or want more information, drop a comment with your contact information.

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