Friday, July 24, 2009

Got Stuff?

Along with the open post weekly, once or twice a month I will post "Got Stuff?" This is where you will post stuff you have for sale, cars, boats, books, school uniforms, game systems, whatever.

You can post what you are looking to buy too.

This will be an on-line garage sale.

You can barter or sell, whatever you want.

Leave email/phone number if you choose or reply to prior comments in comments.

This is our 60655 version of Craig's list, without the wackos...


cpmom said...

Great idea!!

Anonymous said...


Signature Corner @ 111th and Kedzie. Endless possibilities as long as I like the concept, I approve the stores, I approave what you sell in the stores and at what price.


Ginger Rugai
Beverly Ward, opps I mena 19th Ward.

Cash only and unmarked bills, thank you

Anonymous said...

Good one 12:39!!!

Ever notice when election time rolls around (be it state or local election) the big ole sign is posted under the Walgreens marquee about the project there. How many years has this gone on?

It is not a disgrace one of the busiest intersections, and the blocks in either direction, have no real stores?

Ginger cares little about Mount Greenwood. You mean to tell me one of those franchises on Western ave., or 95th st. for that matter, couldn't make it a go here?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Idea!!!!!! Let's keep this section just that and keep all comments to the open post section.

Anonymous said...

the last time the "coming soon" sign was posted at walgreens...was the evening before firefighter grant's funeral. it was approximately 7 o'clock in the evening and someone from the ward was hanging the sign. now keep in mind...hundreds if not thousands of people from all over the city, county and state came down 111th street headed west for this man's funeral...i kid you not! she even took advantage of a dead man so she could sparkle! she is so full of herself!

Anonymous said...

I am looking for any freshman honors books for St. Rita

Tim said...

Does anyone have a weight bench they're looking to unload? I'm looking for one that doesn't have the bars for a barbell. It would be used with dumbells. So just a bench.

Mimi Barry said...

Hello all:

I'm looking for weights (25 lbs I need) the kind that goes on the bar bells...but I'm going to use them to weigh down my pool ladder. The sandbags suck! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Even though I got a great chuckle from the FOR SALE comment let's keep this post for what it is supposed to be used as. "Got Stuff". Go to the right post to blast off on and to whom we have concerns for.

Anonymous said...

Jackson's children will receive Social Security benefits, which have been applied for but payments have not yet started. Their monthly stipends from the estate may be reduced, depending on much money they receive from Social Security, the filings state.

This is whats wrong with our country!!!! These kids have a nest egg of millions of dollars that is being controled by other people. The have enough money that they will never ever have to work in their life but yet they are applied for and will receieve social security benefits.....WHY?????

Anonymous said...


Where: 109th Harding
When: Friday - July, 31, 2009
Saturday - August 1, 2009
Time: 8am - 2pm

Toys, Kids Clothes, Books, Movies, and much much more!

Anonymous said...

Lots of fire and police activity the past hour or so around 111th st. and Spaulding/Sawyer. Apparently there has been a gas leak.

Anonymous said...

stupid idea.

Anonymous said...


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