Sunday, August 9, 2009

Deceptive practices

This blog was started as a community blog; for people to communicate with one another and be aware of what was happening in the area. I am dismayed to see that certain people feel the need to lie and spread vicious rumors, while using the identity of others. Those people are ruining something that could be a reliable source of neighborhood news. I just wanted you, the readers of this blog, to know that some of the comments that have come through, were done under deceptive practices by cowards who cannot post their true identity, but rather assume the identity of frequent readers and commentors. When the comments were posted, I was unable to tell that it was not the true identity of the poster, but rather an imposter. I apologize to Jim McMahon for this. I could have never imagined that someone could/would stoop that low. Thanks.


Army Captains Dad said...

You are doing a great job. As you know, it is a lot of work and you get very little thanks. But a blog is like a gossip column from the old newspaper days. Sometimes the information is accurate and sometimes it turns out to be unfounded rumors planted by those with questionable motives. That's not your fault.

My son left today. He was only home for a couple week's leave but he discovered your blog and intends to keep following it, (and wants me to update him when he's not able to get on the Internet.) His siblings live in MTG and he owns a house here, too. God bless you and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work on this community blog. I've learned so many things about this community and of course the "politics" too. Don't let a few dishonest people ruin such a good thing.

Thanks for all the time you put into this blog!!


inandaround60655 said...

Army Captain~thanks so much. I can only assume that one writes what they believe to be the truth and a "reliable" source of information. I hope for your son to have safe tour and quick return to Chicago. God bless your family and thanks so much for reading and contributing.

Mary~thanks to you also for the kind words and encouragement. I don't have the thickest skin and its nice to know that there are more people out there that care about what is going on inandaround 60655 too. A few bad apples right?

Richard Dent said...

Hey, McMahon, Willie Gault says hi! Talk about hiding behind a BS identity! I mean we all loved the 85 Bears but come on! Great blog, great source of info, but a message to those with BS names posting BS info... GROW UP!

Mary Carol said...

I think this is a great blog, keeps the neighbors informed!! I enjoy it very much. And to Richard Dent: Jim McMahon is his real name and no he is not the punky QB, he is a retired CFD lt.

rkmelissa said...

I absolutely love this blog, my husband found it and I wish that more people in the community would join. MTG is a great place, it is such a family orientated community. I cannot wait to start my family here!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for posting the blog about my Daughter getting mugged.This is a true story that happened on the side of our home.I would also like to express here how important it is to be award of what is happening in this area and the slow response time of the cpd for getting over here for my daughter.Most of you already know who we are & know that this story was not fabricated and if their is anyone out there that thinks for 1 mintue this didnt happen ,please feel free to stop by our home & speak to my daughter or the witnesses and hear it frist hand.The negative comment that was left here by a COWARD trying to victimize my daughter or my family again is despicable and I wonder how you can live with yourself.Also We have an RD number & pictures but more importantly we still have our daughter but I can tell you she will never be the same.Thank You for letting me share a small part of this story,TINA

j.o.b. said...

In and Around 60655-

I think you do a wonderful job. Noone can be blamed for this cowardly act. In fact, your idea has inspired me to start a blog for the area I live in. Unfortunately, if not successful, I will still be leaving comments on your blog. Hope that's O.K.

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