Monday, September 28, 2009

Open Post 9/28 through 10/4


rkmelissa said...

Hello Everyone,
Earlier today I found a dog on 110th and Lawndale - I walked around with her for almost 3 hours to no avail. She was a friendly small, dirty blondish, curly haired dog. My husband and I took her to the Animal Welfare on Southwest Hwy, she did have a chip, but wasn't in their system, she also had a rabies tag. I'm sure they will be able to find her home. I really wish I could have helped her more. Please let me know if you know anything! I'm so worried about her.

WestBevChic said...

Does anyone know if that police dog was found that kept getting lost? There are signs on posts all over and I was wondering if I can take them down before they fall down & become debris. I was not up to calling the number.

Kyle said...

I was wondering if some of the merchants on 111th st could try to control the weeds growing on public property in front of their businesses. Walgreens, 7-11 and Private Bank for starters.

Private Bank has weeds over 2 feet high in front of their parking lot east of Whipple. It's extremely unsightly.

overtaxedunderserved said...

We are hours away from the Olympic nightmare. If you think the police coverage is stretched out now...wait until the Olympics. You know we will get as Daley bought it with our tax dollars and no contracts/raises.

MrsShrek said...

overtaxedunderserved: I don't know what to think about the Olympics. Part of me says "NO" for the reasons you mentioned, but then a part of me is very much for it. I know so many people in the trades that aren't working right now that would really benefit for the next 7 years with work. I'm glad it's not up to me because I'm really conflicted.

cshine712 said...

i guess no olympics. i am glad although i know many people who will not be.

overtaxedunderserved said...

How about a pole for re election?

Would you vote for Daley?
Would Ginger get your vote?
Would Matt get your vote?
Would Mickey Mouse get your vote?

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