Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recycling Progam - Earn free stuff for your garbage!

Recycle Bank is a recycling rewards program. Many Blue Bins in the ward (not all just yet) are part of a pilot program to incentivize recycling. And it's EASY and FREE!

Stickers were placed on carts thoughout the ward to signify qualified recyclers. Folks just need to register their carts on line and they can earn points with every pick up. These points translate into cool stuff like restaurant rewards, coupons, etc. This program is FREE and residents only need to log on and register their address. The recycling trucks have all been outfitted with weighing devices (paid for by Recycle Bank, not the city) to register the recyclables to your address. Then you can go on line and redeem the points for great stuff!

Check out their website to register and for information: www.RecycleBank.com
(Or residents can call: 1-888-727-2978)

Enter this promo code online and you can earn EXTRA bonus points: CHIGREENTEAM02


PATRIOT said...

Nothings Free.....

SouthSide said...

Love is...

Concerned said...

Might this be another City of
Chicago attempt at privitization? Wasn't the tollroad and the parking meter fiasco enough? One bad decision begets another and soon a vicious cycle begins. Can't the city recycle its own garbage and possibly do it in a way so as to PROFIT from it?

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