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Densey Cole - Update

From the comments section:

Officer Densey Cole who worked/lived in 022 Dist. returned from Colorado today to Chgo. to continue his rehabilitation. Colorado gave him a glorious farewell, but did any of you in 022 hear of him returning? Here was a guy who just a week before his injury caught a burglar who was doing a number on the citizens of 022. Its bad enough that this dept. does not appreciate the work of our police officers, but we as citizens of Chgo. & his neighbor cannot forget him. I found out from an officer that he will be 39 years of age this halloween & that sending him a card would be great. Well my family & I will be sending a card each week to him. He told me to send the card to the 001dist. at 1718 S. State St with his name on it & they will get them to him. The time has come for us to do the right thing & show our appreciation.


Jim McMahon said...

CPD Officer Densey Cole returned back home to Chicago last Friday from the Craig Rehab Center out in Colorado where he spent the past few months.

He will be temporarily residing downtown in an "Accessible" living unit until he retrofits his home to accommodate his needs, and will continue another 2 years of rehab at R.I.C.

As this post stated, he will be 39 years of age this Halloween and we are asking folks to bombard him with cards. I am told the 001 District would be glad to accept and deliver these cards to him. I’m sure this would mean a great deal to Densey, so let’s all get behind our friend and neighbor and welcome him home.

Mail to:
Chicago Police Department - 001 Dist.
1718 S. State Street
Chicago, IL 60616
Attn: Officer Densey Cole II

May God Bless Densey Cole with a complete recovery, and keep his Police Department Brothers & Sisters all over America out of harms way.

Concerned said...


Is it true that the city is refusing to retrofit his home and denying his home health bills?

I hope this rumor is not true.

Please clarify.

Jim McMahon said...

They were stroking him around a little bit while he was in Colorado, which really doesn’t surprise me too much with the city, but being a duty injury, I’m pretty confident they’ll have to do what’s right in the long run.

The last time I spoke with Densey, he said they weren't getting their calls returned by the city so they reached out to Ginger and she was helping him out in cutting through the bureaucracy of the city, and for that, I’m sure everyone is very grateful.

They’re few and far between and you’ll usually stumble upon them by accident, but it’s been my experience that when you find someone that works for the city that is actually willing to help you out, it makes a huge difference with getting things done. I’ve found two or three people in benefits management that have been nothing but fantastic to me. They couldn’t treat me any better if I were a member of their own family.

I’m really not sure how much, or how little the city will do for people with duty injuries, and he might have to make some noise to get what he deserves, but one way or another, it’ll all work out.

Densey has a lot of support from the members of the CPD and the people in this neighborhood, and it would be political suicide for some bureaucratic nit wit from the city to try and make a fool out of him.

For now, the important thing is that he’s back home and in a place where he can at least get around in until he makes some long term living decisions. He’ll have to weigh out his options and figure out what suits him best, (i.e., remodel his existing home or buy/ build something else).

I just hope that someone from the city takes the bull by the horns and gets his housing issues squared away so that he doesn’t have to spend too much time worrying about all those details. His time and efforts would be better spent working at his recovery, and should take precedent over anything else at this stage of the game.

Densey seems to have a real positive attitude, and I’m sure he’ll get through this better than most. I'm certain he’s gonna be alright, because as the saying goes, "you can’t keep a good man down," and HE IS a good man!

Anonymous said...

"I’ve found two or three people in benefits management that have been nothing but fantastic to me. They couldn’t treat me any better if I were a member of their own family."

Jim, did you have an injury? Is that why u have been absent from the blog?Hope u r okay!

Johnny Cakes said...

Glad to see you back Jim!

Jim McMahon said...

RE: Jim, did you have an injury? Is that why u have been absent from the blog?Hope u r okay!
October 21, 2009 8:24 AM

Yes I did, but not recently. Unfortunately, I’ve become somewhat of a reluctant expert on Spinal Cord Injuries and paralysis. I broke my neck back in March of 2004 and I'm still in a wheelchair. But thanks to a very dedicated group of therapists at an SCI Rehab Center out in Willow Springs where I go a couple days a week, it's getting a little bit better with each and every day. The healing process is very slow and I’ve got a long road ahead of me, but I’ve come a long, long way from where I started out at.

So with that being said, I've got a pretty good idea of what Densey is going through and know from first hand experience the many challenges that he’s up against. I also know that there are no limits to the human spirit and a positive mental attitude has no boundaries. Nothing is impossible if you refuse to quit and you can never be defeated until you give up.

Densey Cole got a real tough break and I’m sure he never dreamt he would ever be in this position, I know I sure never did! Nobody ever thinks this could happen to them, because things like this always happen to “someone else,”.…..right? Well, one of the harsh realities of life is that sometimes we are the “someone else,” and there isn’t a damn thing any of us can do about it. And the truth of the matter is, it could happen to any one of us at any given time, and your entire life can change in an instant.

Life is seldom fair and everyone has their own unique set of problems, it’s how we deal with those problems that define who we are. My Mother used to say, “If everyone could throw their troubles on the floor in the middle of a room, and you could choose whatever troubles you wanted to take, chances are you’d leave with your own.” Because as bad as things can get, we must try to remember that they could always be worse and we should all be grateful for what we have, rather than dwell on what we don’t.

I believe we’re all just along for the ride and are left with no choice other than to play the cards that life dealt us, and where we go from there is the only thing we’re really in control of. I’ve got a lot of confidence in Densey Cole, he has a very good support base and I’m certain that with a little stubborn determination and Gods grace, he’ll get through this ordeal just fine.

Concerned said...

I think we should be a little more concerned about what the city finance committee is providing for Officer Cole who was paralyzed in the line of duty. His spirit, as strong as it may be, needs to be secure in knowing that his physical needs are met. Why isn't his home ready? Why is he in a tiny condo downtown? He was a first class first responder. What is the delay?

Jim McMahon said...

You’re absolutely right. There is no excuse why he isn’t being taken care of and the city should be doing everything possible to make his life as comfortable as they can. Why isn’t the Superintendant stepping up to the plate for one of his men?

We have to remember that this is Chicago and our Mayor isn't a bit concerned about Densey Cole, or anyone else for that matter. He has proven that time and time again. If there was a shred of decency in him at all, he'd personally see to it that everything would be taken care of to help this guy out. But all he seems to care about is what’s in it for him, and who’s going to put money in his pockets. Every city employee should keep this in mind at the start of every shift and above all, remember this at election time.

Everyone had better concentrate on looking out for one another, because the city sure as Hell isn’t going to.

Anonymous said...

Concerned is so right he deserves to have these needs met & without struggle. He needs to use his energy for healing. Each & every one of us knows someone who could step up & be vocal for him. We need to do what ever we can, this could have happened to any one of us or our family. This guy was on the streets for 17 years, never worked a day inside. We as neighbors, friends, citizens or whatever need to make noise for him.

Concerned said...

What is the best way to do this? Does he want intervention? Does he know how much we want to help if truly needed?

MaryCarol said...

This area is loaded with city workers with multiple talents. If Richie and the CPD brass don't give a damn about him, what is stopping all of us from reaching out and taking care of one of our own? There are plenty of firemen who are carpenters, plumbers, electricians,etc. Even those of us without any talent when it comes to mechanical things, we can shop, cook, clean, organize etc. We should show him how much WE appreciate him and what he has done for us, make that nitwit Daley and Weiss look like idiots who wouldn't lift a finger to help an injured cop, that it took neighborhood folks to do the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Mary Carol & Concerned, Yeah those are both great ideas. My next door neighbor sent him a letter today offering his services for him by trying to be a "voice" for him to any manual labor. Yes, lets show the city & him what a caring community can do when we get vocal for a just cause!

Concerned said...

Does Densey Cole want us to step up to the plate? Has Ginger Rugai interceeded? I heard that she's "going to bat" for him. Is this true?

Concerned said...

Does Densey Cole want us to step up to the plate? Has Ginger Rugai interceeded? I heard that she's "going to bat" for him. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

Has there been any news in regards to Officer Cole's progress with his needs? Has anyone have any ideas as to getting attention for his plight?

Jim McMahon said...

The last time I spoke with Densey was about 3 weeks ago when he was still in the Craig Rehab Center out in Colorado. At that time, he told me he would be coming home on October 14th and would be living downtown for the time being.

Last Friday, after reading the gracious comments from the people offering to help out however they could, I left a message on his wife’s cell phone to call me but haven’t heard back from anyone yet. I would imagine their schedule is pretty full right now trying to adjust to their new living arrangements, and I’m sure they’ll get back to me when they find the time.

Maybe someone has a different phone number for him or one of the 001 District Policemen that are in contact with Densey downtown can forward your messages. Other than that, I really don’t know of any other way to get in touch with him.

The important thing is that he knows there are people out here available to him that are willing to help out, and all he has to do is ask.

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

Jim, Whats your email address. I work downtown and will send you Denseys number.

Jim McMahon said...

RE: Anonymous said...
Jim, Whats your email address. I work downtown and will send you Denseys number.

October 25, 2009 5:55 PM


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