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Anonymous said...

who is it that married a daughter of a boxing great?

Anonymous said...

An incident has occured that people need to discuss, yet it appears most are scared to.
Fact: A St Christina "father" got in a verbal and physical confrontation with a Casalle Coach at a 2nd grade soccer game. They got so bad that the kids got upset and the game was cancelled. The police came and broke up the incident.

Fact'The parent was upset becasue he beleived Cassale had to mnay coachs that allowed for 2nd grade soccer. He confronted the Coach who sadi " let it go its 2nd grade instructional, but parent wouldnt.

Fact. The parent has had these type of incidents in every sport he has been involved!

Fact" He still coachs at St Chris and is schduled to coach in the winter.

IS this what the parish wants.

Do we want to be judged by the actions of this man. It is time to say enough. I do understand from many they do not want to get involved. But when youth sports are taken over by such a person, we all suffer. Winning is great but I think we need to teach our children more.

Lets show the Parish, that yelling and screaming and bullying is not going to be accepted.

Its time for our Parish to lead. Please let us know on here how you feel.

With so much at stake this should get an enormous ammount of responses

Anonymous said...

I am in St. Barnabas parish, so it doesn't matter to me. If you don't like it, switch parishes -thats what I did.

Life's Too Short said...

You need to make a complaint to the athletic association ... There are monthly meetings and I believe the date and times are posted in the weekly newsletter and the Sign. Coaches are not "scheduled", they are voted on. If there is no opposition then they as a rule will be allowed to coach. They are background checked and must attend some specialized training. You as a parent must accept the responsibilty to go to these meetings and make your case. The parish accepts volunteers who want to help, however parents do have a say as to who coaches their children. This blog is the forum to decide the fate of the parent in question, the Athletic Association meeting is.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I must have left with my kid before the police came... I was at the game and my kid was on the field. The whole ordeal was neither pleasant nor pretty and I had some explaining to do to the kids later when we got pizza.

If the police came it was not in front of the kids (that I saw) and must have been in the parking lots were the on-field incident continued

Concerned said...

I hope that this is complete fabrication. There is no way on earth that a Catholic church would allow coaches to behave in this manner at this level...ever. Grammar school sports are instructional and should be fun for both parents and players. No score. Learn the skills and the rules.

Anonymous said...

Why if thie is a fact does a parent need to stick there neck out and risk retribution. Isnt there a board and a priest. In other words this man can do whatever he wants, becuase the parents dont want an altercation.
Great system!

Anonymous said...

An argument was so bad that it happened on the field, then continued into the parking lot. It is time for the board to investigate! You dont need a signed complaint, this isnt a criminal case.

inandaround60655 said...

I agree with Life's too short. The proper place to express concern regarding sports programs is with the Athletic Association of the school, not here. Also, I know with St. Christina, you have to sign a sportsmanship form, even as a parent, which was to expressly prohibit this type of behavior.

Concerned, in a perfect world grammar school sports would be educational only and not competative. For St. Christina, 4th and 5th grade are instructional where everyone is supposed to get equal play time. Not sure everywhere else.

Anonymous said...

This coach has been a loud, abusive bully his whole life.Why no one on the board has ever seen him in action is a puzzle to me.But then again school politics has a big role in this.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 2nd grade already. It's not just Christina, it's like this all around. From the city to the suburbs. These parents are living out their athletic aspirations through there kids. Let the kids just play. Almost every sport has a club. If your child isn't playing club this or club that forget high school sports. Most of these High School coaches are running there own club teams so if little Johnny or little Sara are playing forget it. It amazes me that only 1% of kids that play on a club go on to the next level, but these parents sacrifice family time so little Johnny can play 80 or so baseball games a year. Give me a break. I told my children that if they came home with an academic scholarship I would much happier then an athletic one. You have to realize these are kids the need time to be one.

Anonymous said...

For St. Christina, 4th and 5th grade are instructional where everyone is supposed to get equal play time. Not sure everywhere else.
Are you sure? Because there is no way the kids are getting equal playing time-THEY SHOULD-but, unfortunately, the superstars are already picked out!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the time frame for trick-or-treaters. We rec'd an orange notice to post in our door that we except them until 7 p.m. but, what time are these little goblins aloud to start. I am scared that the doorbell is going to start ringing at 10a.m. on saturday especially if it turns out to be a nice day.

Anonymous said...

its funny that there is all this concern over this "winter coach", here and in the parrish, yet not one other parent has stepped up to volunteer to coach their children.

Anonymous said...

Most coachs are good men who have the kids best interst in mind

Most St Christina coachs are great also.

But letting a man coach just becuse he is connected and has coached in the past is really A DENT in the thinking proess!

Lets say now more!

Mr.Nate Washington III said...

I am a Beverely resident and I am disturbed by the comments I have read on this blog. Just because an african american is seen in your "neighborhood" you think the worst. Maybe if we didn't get those hard looks from everyone (the deep stares as if saying you are going to "own" that african american) there wouldn't be a problem.

I can also say that there is NO TRUTH to the rumor's floating around that a Beverly Reverend is trying to hold a congress of God in Mount Greenwood Park. I personally know all the pastors in Beverly and Reverend jesse Jackson is a close friend of mine. Why in the world would our peaceful community praise God in a Park with such hate, lies, and racism.

I just wanted to clear that false rumor so if I decide to take a walk around the "white only" park of Mount Greenwood their wouldn't be an incident.

I will continue to read this "hate" blog and all ready have submitted copies of post's to my personal friend Jesse Jackson.

"Just because it's black, doesn't mean it's bad"

Mr.Nate Washington III said...

“ No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.[4] "

Mr.Nate Washington III said...

The history of black civil rights is the story of America's caste system. It is the story of how for centuries upper-class whites made African Americans into a slave class, easily identifiable because of their dark skin, and then reaped the benefits--sometimes using law, sometimes using religion, sometimes using violence to keep this system in place.

"I hear that melting-pot stuff a lot, and all I can say is that we haven't melted." -- Jesse Jackson

Anonymous said...

Although I consider myself a man of the cloth I do admit to having children with my mistress.--Jesse Jackson

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