Sunday, October 11, 2009

World Music Company - Closing

This email was sent to me by another blogger from Beverly. I have been there tons of times and it is really sad to see another business closing.

It is with great regret that we inform you the World Music Company will be closing its doors within the next thirty days. We would liketo thank the Beverly Community and all of our supporters for awonderful 14 years.Please be advised that we are making arrangements for any lessons orclasses paid beyond our final closing date to be held at another localmusic store or at an alternate venue.The concerts scheduled for the 3rd and 17th of October will stilltake place as scheduled. Tickets purchased for concerts after thosedates will be refunded.We understand there will be questions and concerns. At this time, weare making arrangements to close the business as smoothly as possible.When we have more information, we will make it available to you. Keep an eye out for a special farewell concert announcement.


WestBevChic said...

There is an update! After all of the news in the press about the closing many people got involved and now they are trying to keep it open. The objective is to enroll 200 children into music and singing classes etc.. and they are selling "Save the World" t-shirts for $10.00 each. They are really nice colorful shirts. You can also just go in and make a donation and purchase tickets for upcoming events. Hopefully this attempt to keep it open will work. It would be horrible if this wonderful resource and event venue were to close.

Concerned said...

When is this area going to figure out that we have to patronize our local businesses or our retail areas will continue to look vacant, abandoned and run down. If we spend our money in our stores than our neighborhood will attract more and more retailers. Would someone look at: FOR EVERY $100 SPENT AT INDEPENDENTLY OWNED STORES $68 RETURNS TO THE COMMUNITY THROUGH TAXES, PAYROLL AND OTHER EXPENDITURES!

Southwest Observer said...

Yes, it's true. They were at the 103rd St. Oktoberfest Sunday selling the T-shirts and getting the word out. I'll be posting something about it soon on the Southwest Observer. Meanwhile ... please patronize our local businesses.

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