Monday, June 15, 2009

Best Buy Report Card Offer

Once again Best Buy is giving gift certificates to children with "A's" on their report cards. I don't know if all of their stores are participating in this program, but I am certain that the Burbank store on Cicero is, because I called them today. I would recommend phoning your local store before going there.

RULES: The child must be accompanied by one of their parents and they must produce their "original" report card. They will receive $3 for each "A" on their report card, with a maximum of a $21 Gift Card per child.

Their hard work should be recognized..........thanks "Best Buy."


Anonymous said...

I heard Krispy Kream gives a donut for every A on a report card too. Don't know where a Krispy Kream is though.

Anonymous said...

147th/Cicero KRISPY CREME

Mary Anne McKenna Bryan said...

Our own TR Boz's Eats & Treats gives out 1 free scoop cone for a perfect report card! 111th & Homan. Support our local retailers!

Anonymous said...

The Best Buy offer is good. I went there with my kids yesterday. Customer Service gave my son a 21 gift card. It is for K-5th grade only. My older kids were out of luck. When I called they said all Best Buys but Crestwood told me over the phone that they did not participate in the program.

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