Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Open Post - 9/10 through 9/17


Brian said...

"The Ass" said...
J.O.B. said...

To The Ass, Mrs Shrek, Southside, Jim Mcmahon, and everyone else-

I was holding off on comments until after the speech. I know how media outlets almost always have some agenda. I watched it a little while ago on I wasn't worried about it beforehand, because St. Catherines was not airing it. But I would like to say that it was an inspiring speech that seemed to lack any liberal,or anti-american propaganda.

On that note I would like to add, it was an inspiring speech, THAT HAD NO BUSINESS BEING SHOWN TO ANY CHILD.

Everyone on this post seemed to miss the point that I felt was the most important. (Except for Jim, who I am not sure about, but have too much respect for him, to speak on his behalf). President Obama is not my daughters parent, and he is not your childs' parent.

It is our job as parents to inspire our children, not his. President Obama is an elected official who gave a speech to kids (that are not even allowed to vote) to stay in school. Am I seriously the only one that sees anything wrong with that?

Jim- In the last paragragh of your last comment you said, " Your absolutely entitled to raise your children anyway you choose" However, I feel that if you are in favor of this speech, then you prefer to have someone else raise your child. For some reason, I think you feel the way I do.

Mrs. Shrek & Southside- I guess the above paragraphs can be a response to your posts. With no disrepect intended.

Finally- to "THE ASS"-
Your first sentence was "I see NOTHING wrong with the President giving an encouraging speech to my kids while they are in school." If this is true, then I see nothing wrong with saying that "You may be a bad parent". Of course, I do not believe this, but I am just trying to make a point.

It is up to us, AND ONLY US, to inspire our children. That is the most important part of being a parent. Maybe the next time President Obama wants to replace me as my daughter's father, he could also make my child support payments. $900 a month is rough when you're unemployed. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.

P.S.-- It does not take a village, Hillary Rodham. Just some love, and resposibility.

September 9, 2009 1:06 AM

J.O.B., I certainly would be happy if my child was inspired by someone other than me. That would mean that I did my job as a parent raising a fine person who can think for themselves beyond the home they live in.

How proud I would be if my child was inspired by....

Police or Firemen to become a selfless defender and protector of the public.

A Teacher that encouraged them to become one themselves to teach others to learn.

A Priest or Pastor that brought out their religious thinking so they can go preach good to others.

A Scientist that maybe someday my child could come up a cure for some dreaded disease.

How dare you examine my parenting skills just because I would want my child to be inspired by others.

September 9, 2009 9:14 AM

J.O.B., You might've well put SOB. So, you think the president of the United States should not have an influence on your children?
I don't want to blow this into a big political mess, but the president of the United States wants to pass along a few words of wisdom to the youth of America, and there's a big stink about it? When I was a kid, it was my dream to be the president someday (I've come to grips with it, it probably ain't gonna happen).
So your kids are forbidden to be inspired by anyone else? I feel sorry for your kids.

MountGreenwoodGifts said...

Mount Greenwood Gifts & Consignment is looking for crafters/sellers to rent booth space. For more information please call Beverly at 630-330-4549.

rkmelissa said...

Where is this Mt Greenwood Gifts and Consignment? I must be missing something.

J.O.B. said...

Wow! Everyone gets so angry. I take it that some people don't care too much for differing opinions. I must be a son of a b###h. At least my daughter gets some sympathy. I would have just left well enough alone, but I guess I'm just a glutton.
"The Ass"- I would like to start off with an apology to you. Obviously you misunderstood what I was trying to say, or I didn't present my idea with enough clarity. In any event, you seem to think that I was questioning your skills as a parent. If that is the case, I do offer my sincerest apology. That was never my intent.
With that, I stand by what I said about the speech.

Some people take this argument to a whole knew level. How dare you, you're a bad parent, I feel sorry for your kids, Etc. The President's speech was geared towards inspiring kids to "Stay in school". Not becoming A fireman, astronaut, scientist, or President. Let's say my kid turns 16 and tells me she wants to be a fireman, or policeman, so she can help people. My response to that would be, Great!, but you still need to go to college, and then I will have a friend, or a family member help guide you in your decision.
Maybe The communication breakdown here is causing the arguing. I think inspiration and guidance are 2 different things. I remember having guidance couselors in school. I don't remember inspiration counselors. That was left to my parents.
I am more than capable and willing to inspire my kid to stay in school. If President Obama gave a speech at 9:00 p.m. directed towards parents on how to better advice, guide, or inspire their children towards educational goals. you never would have heard a peep from me.
"Brian"- Thank you for your response. I'm glad you didn't bring up politics, because you would have found out that if McCain was elected President and had done this, I would have the same differing opinion. Which seems insulting to you, and I don't understand why. It's an opinion, not law. I will answer the question you asked. NO, my child is not forbidden to be inspired by other people. I would not want George Ryan, or Blago inspring her to be Govenor. I wouldn't want Michael Vick inspiring her to be a veteranarian. Now I'm sorry that my opinion upsets you to the point where you feel it's necessary to insult me. My opinion is my opinion. You have your's which I would never try to change, or insult you for it. I think it's great that we live in a country that allows for us to have free flowing ideas, and the right to express them. Like I said though, you will never change my opinion on the matter of this speech. If that bothers you to the point that you would call me a son of a b###h, or offer your sympathy to my child, Then maybe you could spend some time in N. Korea. From what I understand, they receive inspirational speeches from their leader alot, and any differing opinions are dealt with harshly.
I think we would be better served to appreciate each others differing ideas, instead of insulting each other because of them. At least we live in a country that allows such a thing........GO BEARS!

J.O.B. said...

Opening kickoff 10 minutes ago.....YES!!!!!!! Sorry Life's Too Short, I love baseball too, but nothing beats football. This is my national pastime. How does everyone think the Bears will do this year. I'm worried about Minnesota. Tough D, one of the best runners in the N.F.L. Gonna be tough, but I think we can take 'em.

overtaxedunderserved said...

So under this proposed national health care, how is the average person, who has insurance through their employer protected in keeping their existing insurance? If the company or city deems it cheaper to use the national insurance what are we to do? Historically, a government ran anything has been less that substandard. I have a feeling if this passes, Daley will dump us all on this. Will we have the option to keep the existing and at what price? It is a shame that Labor Day passed and what are we doing? We are taking away things that the labor unions fought for and gave up pay for. I do think we need to change the existing health care system but I do not think they have thought this through yet.

J.O.B. said...


I hear ya. I have read before that companies will have a buy out option. I'm just not sure if it is fact. I have been trying to read the bill in it's entirety. It's hard. Lot of legalese, and back tracking to understand some things.
However, if true, these companies will be allowed a buy-out option for existing employee policies, which they will most certainly take.
You bring up labor unions, that I think would be a different story. In our union, we pay over $5 per hour worked, towards health and welfare. Now the question I've been asking my union officials is this. If a national healthcare bill is passed, will I as a union member, have the ability to opt out of my program and receive that $5+ on my check. I have received 2 I'm not sure responses, and 1 I'll get back to you response.
I agree with you that healthcare could use some reform, but to what extent? Why wouldn't I opt out of my healthcare to take advantage of free healthcare paid for by 6% of the population? There's alot of holes in this, and I'm not sure how they can be fairly filled. I'll keep trying to read the bill. I don't feel to bad though. There are members in congress who have admitted to not reading this bill yet, and these people are highly educated, some even lawyers. I used to think they were just lazy, but maybe they don't fully understand it either, and have just given up. Take it easy.

The keesing Bandit said...

What happened to this blog????

Is anyone else sick of hearing the rants by "Brian"..."The Ass"..."J.O.B"...and that creepy "Jim Mcmahon" ?????

I know there was alot of BS on this blog before but I enjoyed getting some useful information and all the other posts was good entertainment.

In and Around.....would you consider taking a poll/vote to open the posts back to EVERYONE?

Your open posts went from 100 plus to 20!!

MaryCarol said...

I have to agree with Keesing Bandit.
I enjoyed this blog because I was able to gather information of goings on in the neighborhood that I didn't hear elsewhere. I have no problem with JOB or Jim McMahon, I just liked knowing what was happening, like the organized fights at the park, taggers in the area, bbq's in the playlot, etc. Now there is nothing but political back and forth, which is fine, but there is nothing else.

Mom-of-4 said...

Has anyone heard from Mrs. Rickoli? I haven't seen her at the park in a while. I know her dog had died but I am worried about her. Her flowers are dead in front of her house and that is Not like her.

J.O.B. said...

I hope that everyone registered to vote on the link for Jim Mullen's food company. Today is the last day. There's some news involving a neighborhood guy. I man that could use your vote.

baseball05 said...

Great idea, we finally will have our own "Taste of Mt Greenwood", Which food vendors will be there and how about some picnic tables? What type of beverages will be available? What time does the band play and what types of childrens activities will there be? Glad the Chamber put this together, we need more family functions here. Block parties are great but this will bring all neighbors together! Good work and hope to see my team players on the 27th!!

cupcakemom1111 said...

To Baseball05...So far the following vendors will be selling food: Tata's, Rosati's, Wiseguys, Richies, Sweet Escapes, JR Boz's..There may be more...The children's activites are sponsored by the Jungle Gym Preschool..there will also be a craft show, car show, Palos Remote control air planes...Irish dancers, hay rides, amd a band.not sure what time the band plays..I don't think any beer will be served..It should be a great day!!

SouthSide said...

I don't respond much although I could, political opinions are what they are. No one is going to change hearts and minds here. I too enjoyed the info given by people who knew what was going on in the neighborhood. This is where I leaned of the taste. I prefer the current format of this blog because it eliminated a lot of the B.S. If we all just tried to focus on what we have in common (Mt.Greenwood) then we could make this blog all that much more effective.

"The Ass" said...

cupcakemom1111 said...

To Baseball05...So far the following vendors will be selling food: Tata's, Rosati's, Wiseguys, Richies, Sweet Escapes, JR Boz's..There may be more...The children's activites are sponsored by the Jungle Gym Preschool..there will also be a craft show, car show, Palos Remote control air planes...Irish dancers, hay rides, amd a band.not sure what time the band plays..I don't think any beer will be served..It should be a great day!!

In the original post "Save the Day" there was mention of a pet parade and blessing.

Anyone know when and where this will be taking place?. I would love to bring out my dog for the day too.

The keesing Bandit said...


This blog is boring!!

Anyone want to hear about my sexual preference?
Anyone want to hear my religious views?
Anyone want to know who I voted for?
Anyone want to hear what I thought about Obama's school speech?
Anyone want to hear how much I despise Jim McMahon's curly mustache?

............NO DIDN'T THINK SO!!!!


inandaround60655 said...

Sorry. If the blog is boring, I don't know what to tell ya, a few bad apples spoiled the bunch. Go to SCC or Shaved for juicy, racist, name calling, "fun" stuff. No offense, but you see what happened here when all that was allowed.

As for the people who no longer post because they are afraid...If you register, NOBODY will know who you really are, not even me. It just gives me a way to block the few bad apples. If you are not one of the "bad apples" you have nothing to fear.

Feel free to post away...We have the Ass, Mrs. Shrek, Captain doesn't matter what name you make up.

overtaxedunderserved said...

I heard there was a blogger who liked to use scare tactics and create problems where there are none in our neighborhood.

The "boogieman" is coming! We are not all racists in Mt Greenwood and really don't like reading rants that are not true. I'd much rather have confirmed information or intelligent conversation on issues that does effect us all like healthcare reform and how Daley has managed to screw us City workers even more. I don't want to hear about Shanana playing in a public park. To the Mount Greenwood really need to advertise now. People have already made plans for that weekend. Other than this site, I have not seen anything about the
27th. Martyrsfest, football games etc. are all going on at the same time.

Tommy said...

Did anyone hear about the pervert exsposing himself to kids up at Mt. Greenwood Park on Sunday?

J.O.B. said...

I too, am sick of the rants by "the ass", "Brian", "Jim McMahon", and especially "J.O.B."...I think it's time for some hard-hitting neighborhood facts by The keesing Bandit. Pardon me if I'm wrong, but after your 2nd comment, I'm starting to think you enjoy midunderstandings, and arguing. As far as you views on issues, I say why not? Neighborhood, city, state, or country. It effects us all.

baseball05 said...

Regarding the Taste of Mt Greenwood and fellow readers one of my kids brought home a flyer from school, the pet blessing and parade along with a K-9 Police Demo is takin place at the park, as I said before I'm trying for that $100. cash prize, just need to figure out who to dress my dog up like?! Where's the car show going to be held? Not going to Mart-fest to expensive and congested, is Taco Joes gonna be at the taste? How many dogs can you bring to the parade?

tina said...

When and where is this taste of mount greenwood? I havent heard anything about it?

overtaxedunderserved said...

I guess my sarcasim didn't translate well. I really don't consider,you, J.O.B. and others ranters. It's the stories/rumors without facts that bother me. ie the Reverends coming to the park. I do enjoy the gun debate. I think we should be able to protect our homes. I also think the neighborhood should call our elected officals to let them know we are not happy with the lack of services or organizations. There is a way to make one aware of certain situations without putting the neighborhood in panicmode. So is anyone ever gonna run for alderman.

cupcakemom1111 said...

I have a flyer for the Pet Parade. It is sponsored by Posh Pet. All participants meet at the south side of the Park field house located at 3715 w. 111th . Registration/line-up begins promptly at 10:30am Parade kicks off at 11:00 SHARP.. After the parade there will be a Pet blessing given by Pastor Crowder from the MtG Reformed church and a state police K-( demo. Register early @ Posh pet and receive $4.00 off your next visit to Posh pet.
DOn't know if Taco Joe will be there. Spread the word!! Let's make this event a SUCCESS!!!!!

cshine712 said...

there was an armed robbery of a girl across from cork and kerry on sat night about 1230? anyone have any info?

Life's Too Short said...

I like the new blog format ... Go Sox

cupcakemom1111 said...

If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the Mt Greenwood Residen'ts association, I have a copy of the form to fill out. The dues are $15.00. There will be a meeting at Saint Xavier on Sept 17, did not receive the time yet, but am waiting for an email reply. I hope it's not the same time as the CAPS meeting.
I also have a copy of the newsletter...leave a comment or stop by Sweet escapes and I will make u a copy...oh and buy a cupcake tonite they are $1.00!! (basics only)

MrsShrek said...

Cupcakemom1111: Would love to hear more about Mount Greenwood Resident's Association? Please provide additional information when you have it. Thanks

rkmelissa said...

I am a certified teacher looking to provide tutoring and or enrichment after school for students in grades 1st-8th. I can provide references and resume upon request. Please email me if you are interested.

MrsShrek said...

Re: Holdup. I received this email from a friend:

Just wanted to let you know about an incident that happened over the weekend. Kim **** had dinner with 2 of her friends and then were heading to Cork and Kerry for a drink Saturday night. Kim decided not to go bc she wasn't feeling well. Around 12:30 when her 2 friends were leaving Cork , they were held up a gun point at the parking lot across the street from that office building. Luckily neither of them were hurt, just had their purses stolen. Just wanted to warn you to keep extra careful since we've all been at those bars.

A said...

There will be a huge 80 vendor neighborhood garage/craft sale in Blue Island, Saturday, Sept 19 9am-4pm. Memorial Park 12804 S. Highland. 5 blks west of Western. It's always fun with local food vendors and lots of cheap stuff and treasures!!!

Pappy said...

So, seriously, what type of person should run for alderman? I would love to run for alderman! I am not a democrat, I have no loyalty to Daley, I am a disgruntled city worker, college educated, and live in Mt. Greenwood. Unfortunately, I don't have 100K (thats what Rugai spent on the last election!). It only takes 412 (last time I checked) signatures to get on the ballot, as long as none are challenged. The CBOE recommends you get at least 2500! The problem is, the incumbent will challenge EVERY name on your petiton to get it DQ'd to keep you off the ballot. You need a lawyer, foot soldiers, advisors, etc. This is how they keep the average person out. It is not unheard of for Joe Q to run and win, but highly unlikely against Ginger. She was hand picked and appointed by Daley. Her husband is an attorney. She has clout and cash. I have never voted for her, nor will I ever. How is it she keeps winning? I just don't think the will is there to unseat her. And, the last two guys that actually made headway against her really weren't all that either, in my opinion. Just read their candidate questionaires.
Pappy for Alderman!

cupcakemom1111 said...

News from the Resident's Association...TownHall meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 12th at the Chicago AG school Music room at 7pm..Rugai will be the guest speaker. If anyone has questions about the Resident's association, the Chamber will have info at their booth on Sunday (at the Taste).

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