Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Post

After much thought and consideration, I decided that this blog has run it usefullness.  When it was started, it was meant to be a useful resource for community news.  It has become a gossip rag.  There are neighbors airing private laundry, people spreading lies using other people's sign on names, and 75% of the comments coming in are not making it through because of lewd and crude content.  I have had people call me at home to discuss this comment or that one.  People coming up to me to talk about what is posted.  Threatening emails regarding comments, posted by others.  It's not worth it.  Freedom of speech may be in the Constitution, but we all know that the Constitution no longer has a place in this country of ours, especially when it comes to blogs.

All comments have been removed.  However, I will leave up the blog for the links, as many people find them useful.  In a few months, I will completely shut down the site.  Thank you to all the readers and commentors.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

3 Hole Golf Course at Ag School

In the southwest corner of Chicago, something beautiful was born....
In fact, a new three-hole golf course was the creation of many students at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

"We did actually make good use of the land," said Dr. Robert Bush, a teacher at the school.

The land near the school was in bad shape two years ago.

"I started out when it was just weeds and car parts all over the place, basically." said Minor.   And fallen trees, boulders and trash.  "It was an area that was not used for anything productive and actually that because of was unsafe," said Dr. Bush.

With help from an architect, the students themselves designed the golf course, and then went to work.

They used heavy equipment to clear the land and put down sod.  "I remember putting a special attachment on the Bobcat to lift an entire tree off the ground, to put it on one of the piles," said Mark Taylor, 17.

It was a lesson they could not have learned just sitting in a classroom.

"I looked at that as an opportunity to actually allow them to use earth-moving equipment and surveying equipment, and things that would have just been theory in a classroom," said Bush.

At a time when we've hear so much bad news about students at Chicago Public Schools, the agriculture high school students did something extraordinary with their minds and their hands.

"It feels amazing just to see the before and after," said Jasmine Lucas, 17. "It just makes you feel emotional cause you started when all this was just dead land." 
The golf course, near 111th Street and Pulaski Road, is free; anyone can play there.

And it was designed to make special needs students feel welcome.

From CBS News...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

White Sox (Baseball) Post

Life's too short, since you would like to post your baseball facts and the fact that some people enjoy them and so don't, here is your post back.  Every week when I put up the Open Post, I will put up a new White Sox Post also.  Hope that makes EVERYONE happy?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Densey Cole - Update

From the comments section:

Officer Densey Cole who worked/lived in 022 Dist. returned from Colorado today to Chgo. to continue his rehabilitation. Colorado gave him a glorious farewell, but did any of you in 022 hear of him returning? Here was a guy who just a week before his injury caught a burglar who was doing a number on the citizens of 022. Its bad enough that this dept. does not appreciate the work of our police officers, but we as citizens of Chgo. & his neighbor cannot forget him. I found out from an officer that he will be 39 years of age this halloween & that sending him a card would be great. Well my family & I will be sending a card each week to him. He told me to send the card to the 001dist. at 1718 S. State St with his name on it & they will get them to him. The time has come for us to do the right thing & show our appreciation.

Open Post - 10/19 through 10/25

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mt. Greenwood Halloween Pumpkin Patch (Tomorrow)

October 17, 2009
11:00 to 3:00  Free admission; nominal fee for activities

@Mt. Greenwood Park

Pumpkin patch featuring pumpkin carving and decorating, petting zoo, hayrides, concessions, pictures, face painting and more....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

World Music Company - Closing

This email was sent to me by another blogger from Beverly. I have been there tons of times and it is really sad to see another business closing.

It is with great regret that we inform you the World Music Company will be closing its doors within the next thirty days. We would liketo thank the Beverly Community and all of our supporters for awonderful 14 years.Please be advised that we are making arrangements for any lessons orclasses paid beyond our final closing date to be held at another localmusic store or at an alternate venue.The concerts scheduled for the 3rd and 17th of October will stilltake place as scheduled. Tickets purchased for concerts after thosedates will be refunded.We understand there will be questions and concerns. At this time, weare making arrangements to close the business as smoothly as possible.When we have more information, we will make it available to you. Keep an eye out for a special farewell concert announcement.

New website link

I was sent this website...it will be listed on the link side bar.


Save the Date.

Show your support for CPD Officer


Officer Safety Alert: There have been numerous interactions between the Latin Kings in Garfield Ridge lately and its citizens. This has culminated in an attack on a fellow Policeman behind his garage at 2:30 am on Sun the 4th around 57th and Austin . The off duty copper went out to investigate a loud domestic behind his garage and ended up being surrounded by 5 Latin Kings. He asked them to leave and after they told him they didn’t give a fuck he was the Police, commenced to attack him. The fight continued until the 008th District arrived and placed all five in custody, two charged with Agg. Batt. to the Police and 3 charged with mob action. Copper had a trip to the emergency room for a possible scratched cornea and had taken multiple blows to his face and the back of his head. The good commander of 008 put a “Just Cause” on the Latin Kings.This is ridiculous where we have come in this city in regards to respect. The event culminated in the Copper being ha nded a CR# by the visiting Watch Commander (not from 008) because the piece of shits said they were just pissing in the alley and were attacked by the pajama wearing copper.The probable cause hearing for these vermin is 13 Oct 09 in Br. 48-4. If you have the time please show up and support this copper as I’m sure friends of the Kings will be there.

This was taken verbatim from Shaved's website.

St. John Fisher 60th Anniversity

St John Fisher 60th Anniversary Party

Open to all parishioners, past and present as well as all SJF Alums. This is a 21 or older party.

Saturday, October 17th

The festivities will start with 4pm mass, followed by a party on the school grounds 'til midnight

Tickets are $25 in advance, or $30 at the door.

Price includes entertainment, beer, wine, and pop. Food will be available at a nominal cost.

For info, call the school rectory at; 773-445-6565 or stjohnfisher.org

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