Monday, February 9, 2009

Did you know?

Most of the Catholic Schools/Parishes in the area have MANNA/TRIP? For those reading with your own child(ren), grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends' kids, etc., (public or Catholic educated) you can help the parish of your choice AND get credit for current or future tuition in a Catholic ran school. (*PC disclaimer - if you choose to go Catholic)

How? Many merchants participate in the program by allowing you to purchase gift cards or gift certificates through the parish that are used like cash at merchants’ places of business, or through their catalog if applicable. The merchants give the parish a percentage of the cost of the gift cards or certificates. Buying Manna/Trip is the same as buying them from a merchant; it’s worth the amount you pay for it. You can purchase Manna/Trip in advance and use it at your convenience. When you buy the certificates, a percentage of the cost is given to the parish and a percentage is "banked" for tuition. Many schools allow "banked" money to pay for CCD classes also.

Imagine, if you just had a baby, plan on sending them to public grammar school and a Catholic high school, you can buy your certificates and bank your credit for 13 may actually get a free years tuition (or two)... Get your family on board with you and have them buy certificates too, the more you buy, the more credit you get.

This is free are already buying gas for your car, groceries, clothes, eat out at restaurants, etc...why not get credit for it?

Just food for thought...

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