Monday, December 29, 2008

22nd District link

For those of you that haven't clicked on the 22nd District link to the left, check it out. On this website you will see a link labeled Crime Incidents in 22nd District. It is about a week behind, but lists all the crime that has occurred. You will have to skim through to find the incidents in your beat, but it will keep you apprised of what is happening in the 22nd District.

60655 Blog

I just wanted to write a post to clarify my intention when starting this blog. I did it to give all 60655ers a forum to express their concerns about the neighborhood, to post news about the neighborhood and whatever else came to mind. This blog is supposed to be a positive thing. Please remember that this is a blog, not a news website. I moderate it, but ideas, news, concerns etc. come from you. Most post titles came from comments. I am a normal person, not a cop, reporter, the alderman or the mayor. I try to post whatever you comment on. I cannot confirm right away every piece of information that comes in and hope that you as readers can help with that and some have. Usually it takes me a couple of days to confirm something that is posted. Please take most of what you're reading with a grain of salt.

I also do make mistakes and sometimes things can get posted that shouldn't be and I appreciate it when called to the carpet on it.

I believe that this blog is a good thing and I am trying to make a difference. Over 1400 hits have been recorded in the 20 days this blog has been up and running. I hope that I am doing well and realize that I cannot please everyone. Everyone here has a choice of reading the blog or not. Thank you for your continued support.

Another crime stopped by watchful eyes?

I received an email from a friend:

FYI - this morning 3 adult males in an old brown Cadillac were observed cruising up and down the local alleys. 911 was called (by a watchful citizen) and a squad car was sent out. The subjects were caught in their car sitting in the driveway of a house on 108th and Whipple, pretending that they lived there.

Can anyone verify this? Were they arrested or just slapped on the wrist and sent on their way?

**Update: they were not arrested they were detained, questioned and sent on their way.

Again, please be careful and observe your surroundings. Keep your doors locked. I know a lot of times my house looks empty, but my kids are home.

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