Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chicago PD Fan website

A lot of work went into putting together this web site.

For those of us who grew up in Chicago and for those of us who currently live & work in Chicago, you might be interested in this site put together by a CPD Fan, it has a gallery of badges patches and memorabilia from over the years put out by and related to the Chicago police dept.

Thanks for the info Jim!

Open Post 8/20 through 8/26

Here's your open post.

Please remember we are all neighbors and should treat each other with respect.

I am getting mentally exhausted reading all the negative comments. Do we all really hate EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING so much...geesh. Let's try to remember that other people's opinions may not be ours and that's okay, got to love America, and read and respond to such with an open mind and a light heart.

Think of this, there are 41 comments for the BBQ post, and over 130 comments in open post, most concerning blacks and parent coaches. THERE ARE ONLY 4 regarding Officer Cole (injured PO) and NONE regarding the Y-me tournament (fundraiser for cancer).... that is a sad statement of what interests us.


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