Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a great neighborhood.

Thank you! In one month this blog has had over 4,000 hits! It just shows what a close knit neighborhood this is! I never thought it would take off like this. I am proud to call myself a 60655er. I started this blog and sent the link to 10 people and it has spread from there. There is no reason that when united we cannot get things done in this neighborhood!

Child Lure Incident

I have had several comments on this -

such as -

Child Lure Incident on 105th & Troy, on Weds. 1/7, a 7 year old female was approached by 3 males driving a silver car, asking how old she was, where was her mother, etc. They drove North on Troy. The child reported the incident to an adult who called the police.

On Jan 7 2009 at approximately 6:00pm. A silver car with 3 male blacks stopped their car at 105th and Troy and asked a 7year old girl strange questions such as where is your mother? etc and then fled the scene. This was reported to the police and a citywide fax was sent out in the police dept. messaging system.

The post about the 3/m/1's stopping and asking questions of a f/2/7 is true. I also saw the fax message come out. The questions were indeed strange. It was listed as an attempt child luring. The info was given by the family I would guess but no one is in custody. They asked other q's besides where is your mother which were a bit odd. The story is true though and can be verified if necessary through the 022nd District. Please be aware these types are roaming the neighborhood.

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