Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Open Post - 9/10 through 9/17

Last Poll

As you saw, 46% said no, the church and society should not stop shaking hands and 41% said yes...pretty close.

Keep the sanitizer with you at all times...flu season is coming soon, and with the swine flu, its just another reason to be extra careful.

Tribune Poll - Stroger at 10% approval rating

I know this off topic, but I am sooo excited that 90% of people in Cook County do not like Stroger...10% approval??? That's lower than Blagovich before he was arrested....Could it be he will be ousted????

In my personal opinion, he pulled a fast one...we all knew Daddy Stroger was not going to fulfil his term if elected, a real gentleman would have pulled out... Claypool could have won that election. But, I am sure someone else was calling the shots behind that one. I can't wait to get this joke of a "politician" out of office. I hate the way he, so what if hire all my family members (hehe, I'll just raise taxes, on cigarettes, water, pop, alcohol, etc.) I know, I know, it makes him just like all the other politicians. What happened to democracy? Elections? Someone wants to retire, they get re-elected and then decide to retire, therefore, someone is appointed for them -- Whammo! No election....

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