Sunday, August 16, 2009

The issue with BBQ's in Mt. Greenwood Park

post is closed to comments, I keep getting people pretending like they are other people and leaving stupid, ignorant and completely uncalled comments. It's people like this on the blog that are ruining it.

Since this has to do with 60655, I stole this from Shaved's blog:

This E-Mail was sent to

Dear Shaved:

Recently the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood raised close to a hell of a lot of money to re-new the old Mt. Greenwood Park. In many Chicago neighborhoods the park districts pays for the whole project but in working areas of the city where taxes are being paid big time, it is up to the local residents to pay for the park to be re-newed. Now that the Mt. Greenwood residents worked their asses off and personally paid for what many areas of the city get for free, guess who is now taking over the park? And before the flaming liberals jump all over me and call me racist (and I don't give a fuck if they do) for the last couple of weekends large groups of blacks from other neighborhoods have set up BBQ camp and coolers in the fenced in area surrounding all the new park district swings and playlot.

I took this picture with my cell:

Now people from all over come to this park and BBQ and enjoy themselves but not on the fenced in playlot area. Smoke from their BBQs are going into the faces of the kids playing on the new playlot - which can get kids with Asthma sick and they are openly drinking alcoholic beverages on the kid's playlot too. You can see all the coolers in that picture. Filled with beer and alcohol. Now just imagine a big group of whites going to a all black Park, setting up smoking BBQs next to their brand new swings and playlot and drinking a bunch of booze. What do you think would happen? And the worse problem is that the park district employees are afraid to say anything to any person of color at Mt. Greenwood Park. They have no park permit, they are in an area that doesn't even allow cooking and drinking and littering their ass off. Can you please post this and see if anybody knows what I can do to stop this behavior and illegal activities?

Sincerely, Justine - Mt. Greenwood

Any ideas?

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