Thursday, July 2, 2009

This One's For Gina Benefit ~ July 11, 2009

On December 6th, 2008, Chicago Police Sergeant and long-time Mount Greenwood resident, Gina Dwyer-Meliska, suffered a cardiac arrest as a result of a condition called Apical Ballooning Syndrome (ABS). Although she was fortunate enough to receive CPR moments after her collapse, Gina was without oxygen for several minutes and remains in a minimally conscious state, changing the course of her life.

Although Gina's condition has stabilized, her biggest concern remains to be any neurological damage that may have occurred due to her loss of oxygen. Gina initially spent 17 days in ICU and has transferred to acute long-term care facilities. Unfortunately, Gina has faced many setbacks that interrupt her therapy. At this point, Gina faces indefinite, long-term care which will put a financial burden on the family.

Through this ordeal, it has become increasingly obvious how many hearts and lives Gina has touched throughout the years. First and foremost, Gina has always put her family in the number one position. Gina has a husband and three children all of whom Gina adores. Although they have been devastated by her illness, the family has been surviving with an outpouring of love from family, friends, and community.

With that being said, Gina is a remarkable, dedicated individual that has always contributed her time and efforts to others, working on countless benefits and in organizations going above and beyond the call of duty. Gina has been a dear friend and mentor to many, always seeing the good in a person and pushing those she knew to do their personal best, all while achieving her own personal goals: whether it be running a marathon or working towards her Masters degree, Gina has always been an inspiration.

It is at this time that we are asking for your help to aid the Dwyer-Meliska family. Please join us for a benefit:

July 11, 2009
115 Bourbon Street
3359 West 115th street
3-8 pm

There will be food, fun, beverages and prizes! If you are unable to make it, but would like to send or make a donation - non-monetary gifts to:

This One's for Gina
c\o Maggie Engstrom
11118 S. Washtenaw
Chicago, IL. 60655

It is at this time that we need to take action for someone who has always given 110% to others...... This One’s for Gina.Thank you in advance for your generosity and consideration,

~The Committee

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