Monday, December 22, 2008


I received this comment. I tried to find some information on this in some different places, but cannot find any. Does anyone know anything? The purpose of this blog is to keep 60655 updated on what's going on. At this point, however, this is an alleged incident and cannot be confirmed.

Anyone hear anything about a shooting today near 111th near campbell?
Off duty cop shooting an intruder?

UPDATE: There was no shooting.

Calling non 60655 natives - Where are you from?

What about an entry on where people were from before Mt. Greenwood. I guess, in Chicago, that means what parish. People could reminisce about St. Sabina's, St. Kilian's, St. Ethelreda's, Little Flower, etc.

Of course, I know a lot of people around here are from St. Gab's, Visitation, St. Tommy More, St. Bede, and so many more. Where are you from and what are your memories?

Applesauce For a Good Cause

Please read below.

This is a request asking you to run a link on your web site for a real quality product being sold by a real quality guy, Jim Mullen. He is a disabled Chicago Police Officer that was shot and left paralyzed in October of 1996 while answering a citizen's call for help. I've met Jim and he has one of the best outlooks on life of anyone I've ever met and could serve as a true inspiration to anyone.

Jim remains paralyzed from the neck down and needs the assistance of a ventilator to breathe. In spite of his physical limitations, it has been one of Jim's life long dreams to share some of his favorite family recipes.

I recently bought some of his Applesauce online and wouldn't consider any other brand at any price. I received my order in just a few days and it's fantastic. The label accurately describes it as being "Like 'Apple Pie' without the crust."

...Please patronize this fine mans business, you'll be glad you did.

Jim McMahon

The link to Mullen Foods is located to the left under the Misc Links heading. As you will see, a portion of the proceeds is given to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

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