Monday, October 19, 2009

Densey Cole - Update

From the comments section:

Officer Densey Cole who worked/lived in 022 Dist. returned from Colorado today to Chgo. to continue his rehabilitation. Colorado gave him a glorious farewell, but did any of you in 022 hear of him returning? Here was a guy who just a week before his injury caught a burglar who was doing a number on the citizens of 022. Its bad enough that this dept. does not appreciate the work of our police officers, but we as citizens of Chgo. & his neighbor cannot forget him. I found out from an officer that he will be 39 years of age this halloween & that sending him a card would be great. Well my family & I will be sending a card each week to him. He told me to send the card to the 001dist. at 1718 S. State St with his name on it & they will get them to him. The time has come for us to do the right thing & show our appreciation.

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