Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Answer to the Question

Boy, I can't fool you guys. (Now, honestly, how many cheated and looked it up?)

The Dutch and Germans were the original founders of Mt. Greenwood. They were followed later by all the rest.

New settings to comment

Anyone can read the blog (so all you lurkers are safe). However, in order to post any comments, you must become a member. If you look to the left of the blog site, you will see followers. You can become a member there. (you need to start a google account). Here is a link to open your google account. It’s easy, and it’s free.


I did this to alleviate all the anonymous posters who sign on and post nothing but crap and lies. You don't have to sign in with your true given name, but I will be able to see your information and block you permanently from commenting if it comes to that, especially those who like to email in the middle of night with the horrible, mean and vicious comments. You people kiss your mothers with that mouth?

This is the last ditch effort to make this blog work like it should. I may lose readership, but so be it. This is what it has come to in order to restore some king of order on this blog. Call it censorship or a dictatorship, but like I have said a million times before, if you don't like it, don't read it.

Rainbow Cone is NOT CLOSING!

Rainbow Cone is not closing and please stop by and have a cone. I don't understand why someone would stoop so low as to lie, but this Southside Institution will be keeping their doors open....which is great because it is such a family tradition.

Negative comments about businesses

The time has come to no longer allow ANY negative posts about any businesses! My ass is in a sling as to the negative comments, and therefore, will no longer be allowed. You might not like the business or their practices, but there will be no place for those comments here. There may be freedom of speech in America, but not on blogs. State all the postive comments you want, but the negative cannot be allowed. There is actually a long story behind this post, but needless to say, if I continue to allow these posts, the blog will be shut down.

*Rainbow cone is NOT closing. Thanks to the person who stated the untrue facts... Please stop by and have a cone.

*As to Ben & Jerry, if you disagree with their practices, don't patronize the business. That's your choice.

*All About Me, again, can you be sure of your facts? This woman has contributed a lot to charities and is running a business in Mt. Greenwood, isn't that what we all wanted? She is a good woman and the negative talk is uncalled for.

So, in closing, negative business comments will not be posted. I hope that is clear enough so that I am not getting comments about why your comment was not posted.

Look for changes in commenting - COMING SOON!


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