Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Open Post 8/6 through 8/12

This weeks open post. Please put all GENERAL comments and questions here.

Olympic Meeting at St. Xavier (Tonight)!

2016 Olympic Committee Meeting at Saint Xavier University.

This coming Wednesday, August 5th, the Chicago Olympic Committee will be hosting an open meeting for community residents that are interested in learning more about our city’s bid to host the 2016 summer games here in Chicago. The meeting is in the “Butler Reception Room” at Saint Xavier University at 7:00 PM.

If you need more information on this, you can contact Fran Hurley at the Mt. Greenwood 19th Ward office by calling (773) 238-8776 or e-mail her at

In my opinion, hosting the Olympics is a losing proposition for the taxpayers of Chicago . Mayor Daley is cutting jobs, salary’s and benefits for city workers under the guise of being broke, yet is still going to guarantee profits to the Olympics using OUR money. If he refuses to listen to the will of the people that oppose this and insists on having these games here, let him and the City Council guarantee these profits personally using their own homes, bank accounts, other personal assets and pensions to back it up. The only ones that stand to benefit from any of this are the “Clouted” Contractors and the corrupt city officials that will be getting kickbacks under the table in return for huge contracts being awarded. Besides, Mayor Daley made it quite clear that the only people that are even allowed to bid on some of these city projects are “Minority Contractor’s,” which as of last week includes special status for “Gays.” What happened to the EQUALITY everyone wanted so badly? Personally, I don’t care what race, gender or sexual orientation anyone is, discrimination is discrimination in any color. To give ANY preferential treatment to ANY group of people under ANY name or description, is nothing more than plain old “discrimination.”

Regardless if you’re for the games or against them, here is your opportunity to let the Olympic Committee, Mayor Daley and all the other politicians in Chicago know how you feel about the 2016 Olympics. Whining about what’s going on won’t make a bit of difference, come on out and express your opinion……….LOUD & CLEAR!


Get ready for a lot of smoke and mirrors.

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