Monday, June 15, 2009

Caps Meeting

2211's CAPS meeting is scheduled for this Thursday at Mt. Greenwood Park at 7:00.

Here is our opportunity to complain about the complete lack of police presence in 2211! If we pack the house, they will have to listen to us, right?

Jim McMahon's New Blog

Our own Jim McMahon has started a blog. Here is the link and it will be posted under miscellaneous links also.

Check it out, it has some great You Tube clips!

Best Buy Report Card Offer

Once again Best Buy is giving gift certificates to children with "A's" on their report cards. I don't know if all of their stores are participating in this program, but I am certain that the Burbank store on Cicero is, because I called them today. I would recommend phoning your local store before going there.

RULES: The child must be accompanied by one of their parents and they must produce their "original" report card. They will receive $3 for each "A" on their report card, with a maximum of a $21 Gift Card per child.

Their hard work should be recognized..........thanks "Best Buy."

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