Thursday, February 26, 2009

Walgreen's Revisted - Again

12 years later. Still nothing.
Committees formed. Still nothing.

From MGLRC - Breaking News

City Council Adopts Ordinance
‘Coming Soon’ just got sooner. An Ordinance authorizing the redevelopment agreement between developers of the Walgreens Signature Corner project and the City of Chicago was approved October 8, 2008. This is a huge step in moving closer to an actual groundbreaking.

Then going back a year or so, found this on the web (from the Southwestobserver) - Emphasis added to highlight complete and utter POOP!

Spring 2008.

It was an answer that more than 60 Mount Greenwood residents were looking for Monday night when they packed the Chicago Public Library's Mount Greenwood Branch to air their questions and concerns with the developer of the northwest corner of 111th Street and Kedzie Avenue.......

But the question on everyone's mind was: When will construction begin? It likely will be as early as spring 2008 but no later than summer of that year.

Ald. Ginger Rugai stepped in halfway through the hour-long meeting to calm what was fast becoming a fiesty crowd. (hmmm, wonder why everyone was mad, after 11 years in the making)

She explained to those in attendance that the process to create a signature corner, which began four years ago (try many more than that since the plan was initially approved in 1997) with Terraco's initial purchases, has progressively (too funny, we ALL know the City does nothing quick, at least without secret pocket $$$) made its way through the city's planning and zoning departments.

Nonetheless the process - however slow - is moving ahead, added Rugai, who underscored the need for such a development. "There was no sense of Mount Greenwood pride," she said. "This creates a signature corner at 111th and Kedzie."....

"Our home values are skyrocketing (not anymore)," argued resident Maureen Chausse. "But 111th Street, which is our signature, looks like the ghetto. (with our 1960's Walgreens, Currency Exchange, Dollar Store and Nail Place, this is something to be proud of, Mt. Greenwood's signature corner!)"

Anyway, I called the alderman's office this morning, after getting the "I'm not sure what is going on" I was told to call the Mt. Greenwood ward office, of course, being city run, nobody answered. But I was told by the Beverly ward office that the


So I guess we need to raise money for the Signature Corner now too....just like the park project that took years to get done???

I don't get it, please someone explain, how did all the stores at 95th and Western get put up within weeks, but the Walgreen's project has been 12 years in the making.

Fat Tommy's

I heard it through reliable sources that Fat Tommy's will be moving to 3031 S. 111th Street (or where Veggie Bite was). They will have ice cream too!!!! The nice thing about that location is that there is 1) parking and 2) an outside courtyard. So keep a look out in the future for the new Fat Tommy's.

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