Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm Done With Winter!

Good news is Mother Nature took care of what the City of Chicago could not, got the side streets cleaned up. But now the new problems begin. I woke up to water in my basement. My front and back yards look like lakes, which means when the weather changes and my lakes freeze, I can rent them out as skating rinks. Mt. Greenwood park is underwater too. Ugghhh.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Today's forecast for the region is not likely to ease the pain for Chicagoans who have already had way too much extreme weather for their taste: Rain, flooding, fog, high winds, maybe even tornadoes ... and once it gets colder later tonight, more snow.

And there's this little bit of news: According to the National Weather Service, Chicago set a record for precipitation in 2008 -- the total this morning is 49.84 inches, about a half-inch more than the old record. Hold your applause.

New Poll - Sit down restaurants

TaTa's pizza won with 26%, Fox's had 20% and Beggars came in third with 16%. New poll is listed and will be sit down restaurants in and around 60655. This will span breakfast, lunch and dinner. The criteria is that it must offer waitress service. So even though a restaurant may offer tables, there must be waitress service to be listed. Also, this poll is for the whole package, pricing, taste of food, quality of service, etc.Some of these locations are not quite 60655, but right on the border so they were counted. I can't list every restaurant in Oak Lawn, Alsip, etc. so if you don't see your favorite, don't be mad. Also, if there is a restaurant that is in 60655 that I overlooked, let me know. Thanks.

** Also, there is a link to the left for restaurant coupons***

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