Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Walgreens Project DEAD???

Someone asked the following:

*How about some information about the 111th and Kedzie project that has turned the area into looking like crap. Are we ever going to get the truth from the Alderman? From the developer? From anyone?

Does anyone know anything...buildings were torn down, stores have moved, and for what??? Now we have empty store fronts and vacant lots. I had heard that Starbucks had pulled out which makes sense since they are closing stores all over.

Where do we go from here? Wasn't the Alderman's platform at re-election mostly based on the development of her Ward? 111th Street from Sacramento to Pulaski is starting to look like a ghost town. Before the snow fell, you could almost see the tumbleweeds rolling down 111th Street.

Home invasions 22nd District

For those who don't know yet, there have been two home invasions in Mt. Greenwood. The first in the 112th block of Whipple and the second in the 107th block of Drake. We do not live in Mayberry and we all must be vigilant about locking our doors (front and back). Look out for your neighbors. If you see someone suspicious, call the police! Luckily, nobody was seriously injured or worse and the offenders were caught in the 112th and Whipple incident.

Rancid Burritos anyone

From the Suntimes New Groups (Dec. 4).... This is just nasty...

A Southwest Side restaurant has been cited after city health
inspectors found mouse droppings
and spoiled meat in the establishment.

Health Department spokesman Tim Hadac said inspectors went to The
Burrito Station, 2750 W. 111th Street on Tuesday and about two
pounds of cooked steak that had a foul odor and was being stored at unsafe temperatures The staff was instructed to discard the meat, which they did.

A $500 citation was issued for the food stored at an unsafe
temperature, Hadac said.

Mouse droppings were also found in an area were food was being stored and a back door had a gap that could potentially allow access by vermin, which
resulted in two citations carrying $250.00 fines each, Hadac said.

A uniformed Morgan Park District police officer claimed he picked up a food order at the restaurant about 12:15 p.m. Monday, police said. He went back to the police station and began to eat. When he took a bite of a burrito,he tasted what seemed to be sewage in his food and spit it out, after which the health department was contacted, police said. Hadac could not confirm the officer's account and had no information about reports of sewagein food, but said inspectors will return to the restaurant by Dec. 9 to follow up on the citations.

In and around 60655

I decided to start this blog as a way for residents 0f 60655 to communicate with each other regarding police issues, school issues, neighborhood issues, whatever. One stop shopping. The 60655 area code is often left out of newspapers such as the Bev Review or Southtown and this is one way to get our information heard and disbursed to all. In the upcoming weeks, there will be links added for neighborhood schools and such. Please use this blog to let everyone know what your thoughts and concerns are, good and bad. If your church or school is having an event, let everyone know here. Thanks and let me know what you think.

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