Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Post

After much thought and consideration, I decided that this blog has run it usefullness.  When it was started, it was meant to be a useful resource for community news.  It has become a gossip rag.  There are neighbors airing private laundry, people spreading lies using other people's sign on names, and 75% of the comments coming in are not making it through because of lewd and crude content.  I have had people call me at home to discuss this comment or that one.  People coming up to me to talk about what is posted.  Threatening emails regarding comments, posted by others.  It's not worth it.  Freedom of speech may be in the Constitution, but we all know that the Constitution no longer has a place in this country of ours, especially when it comes to blogs.

All comments have been removed.  However, I will leave up the blog for the links, as many people find them useful.  In a few months, I will completely shut down the site.  Thank you to all the readers and commentors.

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