Saturday, March 7, 2009

Morgan Park Academy Link added

I added a link to Morgan Park Academy after receiving the email below.

Could you please add a link for Morgan Park Academy? I think it is a wonderful, hidden gem in our community. Did you know they have a 20 acre campus and they rent out all of their facilities for private functions? How great would a birthday party be in their atrium in the summer or in their new gymnasium.

I thought this was very cool.

Strip Cards for Sale

This link will also be under misc. links for future use for block parties, family reunions, etc. Mike's a local so if you need strip cards, drop him a note.

Strip cards games are commonly used with; sports events, charity or fundraisers, family outings, and more. Mike, a Mt Greenwood resident for 25 yrs, is now selling two modern scratch-off style games online at: Being in our area, he can extend you lower prices. If interested, contact Mike via email address at:


Well it looks like 39% of our bloggers in 60655 like to go to the parade and then to a house party. 35% like to avoid it altogether and stay home.

In light of the fact that baseball is coming upon us quickly...where does your loyalty fall? Red/blue or black/white? North or south?

As Nipsy suggested, there will be no neutral vote in this poll. It's Cubs or Sox.

I know it will be hard with this touchy subject, but please be nice with the comments.

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