Tuesday, February 24, 2009

60655 blog

This blog was started to be informational and fun. As a commentor stated, it has become a place to bicker and fight over the smallest things. In the beginning, I censored everything. Then I realized that all opinions, if stated correctly, have a place here and started letting MOST comments in.

Please don't forget that we are all adults and all neighbors with one goal in mind and that is to keep 60655 a great place to live and raise our families. I put up an open post every week where you can talk about anything you like. Please use this post to state your opinions and comments that have nothing to with a specific listed topic. Please remember that this post is for 60655, which includes West Beverly and Morgan Park, not just Mt. Greenwood. If someone doesn't like the dog poop in the park, well, that's a legitimate concern to that person and let that person have a opinion without worrying whether or not they will be verbally attacked. That will stop now. This is not the place to tell the world that a neighbor is a loud mouth. Or to air your personal vendetta against a co-worker. This is the place however, to list what concerns you regarding the neighborhood, such as crime, school events, if you need a dentist, etc. Keep your comments racially void, as not everyone in 60655 is just like you.

I am sure that not everyone is going to like these rules and if you don't, I apologize, but let's keep this blog informative and fun.

Thanks for your readerships and comments.

Lent begins tomorrow!

So, that time has come again. LENT. Have you ever noticed you never crave chocolate as much until you give it up for lent?

Just for fun, what are you giving up? Where is the best fish fry in the area?

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