Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer has arrived.

Finally, summer has arrived. Better late than never. However, these temperatures are unbearable.

In these extreme temperatures, please do a wellness check on your elderly neighbors.

Please also remember that pets have a hard time in these hot temperatures. I hate seeing dogs in cars with the windows cracked barely an inch in this kind of weather. Leave them home.

Deceptive practices

This blog was started as a community blog; for people to communicate with one another and be aware of what was happening in the area. I am dismayed to see that certain people feel the need to lie and spread vicious rumors, while using the identity of others. Those people are ruining something that could be a reliable source of neighborhood news. I just wanted you, the readers of this blog, to know that some of the comments that have come through, were done under deceptive practices by cowards who cannot post their true identity, but rather assume the identity of frequent readers and commentors. When the comments were posted, I was unable to tell that it was not the true identity of the poster, but rather an imposter. I apologize to Jim McMahon for this. I could have never imagined that someone could/would stoop that low. Thanks.

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