Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Team Ka-Pow Breast Cancer Walk and Party Info.

Greetings and Happy 2009!

Team KA-POW is once again pledging to "KNOCK OUT" breast cancer by participating in the 39 mile 2009 Avon 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer on June 6th and 7 th. In the past three years, through your very generous donations - Team KA-POW has raised over $150,000 dollars and this year, Team KA-POW is committed to raising an additional $27,000 to help fund leading-edge research and breast cancer prevention programs through the Avon Foundation. Team KA-POW is a group of family and friends that walk to support and honor two sisters, Kathleen (Powers) Cecil who were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and Annie (Powers) Gruber diagnosed in 2002. Kathleen has developed metastatic breast cancer and has had several reoccurrences in her bones. Today she is receiving weekly chemotherapy and her cancer has been responding well to this treatment. She is in general good health and feels fine. Annie continues to be monitored very closely by her oncologist.

In the three years that this team has walked, they have met and shared stories with friends and strangers alike about how breast cancer has touched their lives. Year after year we have more reasons to come back and participate in this walk again. Our goal is to continue to donate our time and money for a great cause.

In today’s economy, donating to any cause must be carefully considered. Team KA-POW is asking you to donate any amount of money that you can to help. Kathleen and Annie can tell you from experience that we are making progress, that new treatments are being developed, and that a cure can be found. But it will not happen without you. Each team member will be required to raise $1,800.00 to walk. So we are going to need support from many people to reach our goal, and we are hoping that we can count on you to be part of our support team. Please remember as you’re making your donation that in the time it took to read this letter, another woman in the U.S. was diagnosed with breast cancer. One in eight women in the US will develop breast cancer. When you donate to this cause, unfortunately you are helping fight for some one that you know or will know. The odds are frightening, sad and true.

Team KA-POW is more than just the WALK. They are also about the PARTY! Please join us for our annual fundraiser at TR’s Pub located at 3908 West 111th Street, Chicago, on Friday, April 24, 2009 from 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. The cost is $30 per person and includes bottled domestic beer, live entertainment by Sean & Charlie (, food, and many, many laughs! All proceeds go to Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

If you would like to support Team KA-POW but cannot attend the event, you can send your tax deductible contribution, to Debbie (Powers) Quinn, 3646 West 113th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60655. Please make your checks payable to "Avon Walk for Breast Cancer" and know that no donation is too small, every bit counts!
We will find a CURE and you are helping . . .

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