Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Walgreen's Revisited

I have had many comments recently about what is going on with Walgreens. Here is a past comment that sounds of truth. Anyone know anything else?

At the Town Hall Meeting on November Alderman Rugai announced that the development at 111th & Kedzie had finally met all requirements for building permits. We should see ground breaking in early spring with a completion date of September 09. I have had the September 09 opening date of Walgreens confirmed with a Walgreens headquarters employee. We did loose Starbucks, but that was because Starbucks decided to shut down so many stores. Dunkin Donuts is working on a propsal for the space.

Best of 60655 - next

Next vote for the "best of 60655" will be pizza delivery. Start nominating your favorites.

No News?

I guess no news is good news. I was going to post about the snow, but hey we knew that was coming and that the streets would be horrible. No surprises there. Anybody got anything to post? Any new news?

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